Austria: Backpacking

Austria Backpacking

Austria is an ideal destination for an adventurous backpacking holiday at any time of the year. With a vast choice of sporting activities for every season, it is no wonder that increasing numbers of gap year students are choosing to explore Austria for themselves. Backpackers in Austria will find prices for city youth hostels start at around 12 Euros a night for the most basic lodgings, however, if you fancy a trip into the mountains, you can certainly find a welcoming and cheap Austrian B&B for around 20 Euros a night. These guesthouses are generally very comfortable and will serve you a generous continental breakfast. If you are backpacking in Eastern Europe, Austria is a great destination to add to your itinerary; a European East Pass (€160) will get you 5 days unlimited travel on the national rail networks in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Whilst choosing a backpacking holiday in Austria may seem a little unconventional, the relatively cheap accommodation, great transport links, and range of activities, can make it a surprisingly rewarding experience.