Antigua and Barbuda: When to go

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Antigua and Barbuda When to go

Antigua has a tropical climate tempered by the prevailing trade winds which gives winter average temperatures in the mid 70's and summer average temperatures in the mid 80's. January and February are the coolest months and July and August are the hottest. Antigua is fairly dry, the wettest months are July, August and September and February to April is the driest period. Antigua has 8-9 hours daily sunshine year round. Antigua's climate is sunny and warm all year round so that there is no bad time to visit Antigua. Best time to visit is from mid December to mid April, this is also the peak season. September and October can be oppressive. The annual hurricane season runs from beginning of June to the end of October. Rarely do hurricanes affect Antigua, the last hurricane in 1995 passed 200 miles north of Antigua.