Antigua and Barbuda: Population

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Antigua and Barbuda Population

The population of Antigua is approximately 86,000 (July 2008 estimate) mainly in St. John's (31,000) the capital city. The ethnic mix is 91% black or mulatto, 4.4% white, 4.6% others. Growth rate is 1.3% annually. Barbuda has a population of 1,250 centred around Codrington, its capital. English is the official language. Antiguan Creole dialect is also spoken. The economy is based on 60% tourism and 40% investment. Antigua is an offshore banking centre. Agriculture is only for the domestic market. Income levels are classed as middle income, about USD 14,000 per capita. Antigua has a large debt to GDP ratio which the Government have taken measures to reduce. Inflation is currently at 1.5%.