Antigua and Barbuda: Winter Sun

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Antigua and Barbuda Winter Sun

Antigua probably has the best climate in the Caribbean with an average of 8-9 hours of sun per day all year round with average temperatures ranging from 23C (73F) in the winter to 30C (85F) in summer. Antigua’s summer temperatures are cooled by the prevailing north east, south west trade winds, except in September, probably the worst month of the year. The little rain Antigua has falls between July and September. A holiday in Antigua during the European winter months will usually guarantee warm weather, sun with a little intermittent rain some days. These months are also low season when hotel accommodation is much cheaper and there are fewer people so that there is no need to pre-book restaurants and tours. It is a lovely time to visit Antigua to enjoy the perfect weather, the beautiful beaches, swim in the warm clear waters and explore the island in comfort or maybe a good time to relax, reflect and dream. Some hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and tourist facilities close in the low season so do check out availability before visiting.