Alicante: Apartments

Capital of the Costa Blanca

Alicante Apartments

Holiday apartments for rental in Alicante are in abundance, and offer a great way to enjoy an area with the independence that visitors enjoy when back home, and can sometimes be more cost effective if staying as part of a large group or for a long period of time. For a luxury 2 bedroom apartment on a golf course, count on spending around €560 per week to rent a holiday apartment in Alicante. Many private individuals also advertise their own villas to rent for the holiday and a typical cost for a 2 bedroom (sleeping up to 4 people), 2 bathroom property close to the beach is around €450 per week during the peak season. Since there is so much on offer, it is worth shopping around before making a reservation, and the best way to do this is to use the Internet. It is important to take into consideration when making a booking, the maximum amount of people which can be accommodated in the property, and also the distance to the beach or city centre as a car might be necessary to reach them. Holiday apartment rental in Alicante is definitely the way forward if you're looking for extra freedom and privacy. Renting a holiday apartment in Alicante is also a good option for groups or families where hotel stays can be expensive.