Alicante: Crime

Capital of the Costa Blanca

Alicante Crime

Instances of major crime in Alicante are fortunately few and far between. However, minor crimes such as pick-pocketing and bag-snatching are more widespread. As with all big cities, it is necessary to take sensible precautions to avoid falling victim. When on the beach, it is preferable that someone stays with your possessions at all times to reduce the risk of theft. Keep valuables out of sight if you do decide to take any with you. A small amount of cash is advisable for the purchase of refreshments, but any wallet or money holder should be kept away from view. It is also recommended that any valuables are kept in a hotel safe where possible, so this is worth asking for on arrival at your accommodation.

If visitors need to report a theft in Alicante, they should go to the national police (policía nacional). Alicante's main police station (or comisaría), can be reached at 965 14 88 88.