Alicante: Backpacking

Capital of the Costa Blanca

Alicante Backpacking

Backpacking is one of the cheapest ways of travelling, and Alicante offers facilities for this type of traveller, albeit limited. The beach provides an ideal focus for activities for those backpacking in Alicante, the opportunity for low-cost entertainment and a chance to relax before setting off to the next town or city. Accommodation in a hostel in the city centre starts from around €15 and offers basic facilities including a TV, self service kitchen and refrigerator. If travelling alone, staying in a hostel can provide the opportunity to meet likeminded travellers, and make a backpacking holiday in Alicante that much more fun. Staying in a city centre, and choosing a hostel close to the local nightlife and attractions is worth taking into consideration as this can reduce transport expenditure. Alicante does have good transportation links to other cities both on the Costa Blanca and within Spain itself, making the city an ideal stopover destination.