Tehran: Holidays

Modern and traditional, secular and religious, rich and poor

Backpacking in Tehran

With its convenient Central Asia location (called Eurasia, such is the proximity to Europe) and tremendous train network, Tehran is the ideal destination for passing through backpackers, just be sure that you don’t visit Israel before coming here. A backpacking trip in Tehran is sure to suit even the meanest of budgets with cheap rooms available for less than 6 Euros, or even luckier, you might find someone to take you in – just don’t worry if they phone the authorities, it’s all part of procedure here. Tehran has some great and historic sites to see in this modern metropolis making Tehran backpacking holidays an experience not to be missed.

Beach in Tehran

Tehran may be the 18th largest city in the world, but that hasn’t graced it with any suitable sites for beaches. The city is purely landlocked in the centre of Tehran, making beach holidays in Tehran a washout.

Camping in Tehran

It is possible to camp in Tehran and many travellers have done so whilst passing through the country. The camping industry in Tehran is however still in its infancy and so there are not exactly hoards of travel operators or organisations that offer such trips. Camping in Tehran can be a magnificent experience, sleeping under the stars and taking in some real Middle Eastern nights, though you are unlikely to find yourself in this situation, such is the locals’ hospitality. Still if someone doesn’t take you in and you can find somewhere nice to do it, camping in Tehran can be a great experience, just be careful that you don’t try it in an overly public place.

City Breaks in Tehran

If you don’t mind adapting to a completely different way of life to what you are most likely used to – city breaks in Tehran can be both a rewarding and refreshingly cheap experience. There are many pinnacles of culture to take in during your stay and if you are skiing in the north resorts too, Tehran can be a great place for a city break – providing a nice mix of activities and history. The only real thing worth noting is the horrendous traffic and the subsequent pollution it generates (often covering the city in smog). But if you can live with all the pitfalls of a sprawling metropolis, than a city break in Tehran is for you.

Corporate Weekend in Tehran

If you want your employees or business partners to experience a completely different way of life than a corporate weekend in Tehran could be an affordable and worthwhile experience. Being based so far into mainland Europe may cause a slight problem though and flight times may take up to 4 hours from some parts of Europe. In terms of things to do, there are plenty of fine restaurants, worthwhile museum and culture spots, not to mention some of the best ski slopes in the world at your disposal. Corporate weekends in Tehran may be best avoided however if you are intending to go on a crazy night on the tiles. Erratic behaviour will not exactly adhere you to either the locals or the officials.

Cruises in Tehran

The landlocked situation of the city and everyone else’s insistence of motor-powered wheels to get around, unfortunately do not put Tehran in a highlight of a cruise trip. If you are planning on taking a cruise holiday, Tehran is not for you.

Culture and Arts in Tehran

Having been the forefront of the Persian Empire and housing more relics than most museums would die for, Tehran is a culture & arts highlight. Though the city does not feature hardly any buildings constructed in ancient times (due to the post War leader’s thoughts on modernization), it does still house a number of must-see hotspots for culture vultures including the world’s most dazzling display of jewels, two exquisite palaces and museums celebrating art and archaeology.

There is a fine collection of art exhibits dotted around the city that are not to be missed and chart the fascinating history that has been somewhat lost over the years.

Disabled Needs in Tehran

Being a large city with a varied population, Tehran has taken positive steps over the past years to improve the disabled facilities within the city. There are several city beautification schemes which have improved public access for the disabled, including looking over and renovating parts of public parks. Some hotels in Tehran have also started to offer disabled facilities and have improved their premises to accommodate them. Whilst Tehran may not be overly advanced with disabled access, but it is at least improving existing hotspots to help the disabled get around, making it a progressive location for disabled holidays in Tehran.

Family Holiday in Tehran

Whilst much of the Western media’s perception of Iran is that of a rather devious and dangerous superpower, Tehran is not the worst place to visit in the world, it’s just a case of adhering to the rather specific boundaries. That said, Tehran is not the ideal place for a family holiday, it isn’t even really known as a tourist destination, apart from the skiing. Whilst a family may find the skiing facilities perfectly fine and the holiday very enjoyable, it is probably best to think of somewhere else to take the family if you don’t speak Persian.

Gay and Lesbian in Tehran

The President of Iran once said that there were no gays in the country. Whilst that is obviously not true and gay meetings/parties happen still to this day, this doesn’t mean that you can flaunt your sexuality here – be it gay or straight. Homosexual acts are technically punishable by death under Islamic sharia law, so if you are planning on visiting with a partner, it is much safer to play it cool. Though the authorities generally turn a blind eye, if you catch one on the wrong day, you could be in a significant amount of bother. Therefore gay & lesbian holidays in Tehran are not recommended.

Hen Destination in Tehran

As a stag and hen destination, rather like other Islamic-devout countries, the implications of a stag or hen weekend are generally things that might land you in a spot of bother with the local authorities. There are many more liberal destinations not too far away such as Turkey, Russia or Czech Republic. 0

Honeymoon in Tehran

As long as you made it to the altar, you shouldn’t have too much trouble! Seriously though, Tehran is quite an exotic destination, if a little bit smoggy. Honeymoons in Tehran would be ones that work well on a budget, and in fact luxury accommodation can be found for what would seem a very modest price. Tehran has a lot of cultural significance and Eastern promise than most honeymoon destinations. Though it may not be the number one honeymoon destination, there are places within the city that would suit a honeymooning couple, particularly an Islamic one.

Naturism in Tehran

With regards to the country’s rather strict public dress codes, naturism is not actively supported in Tehran. On the face of it, there probably isn’t a worse destination to pick if you are looking for naturist haunts.

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Tehran

Despite the technicality of harsh and restricting Iranian law, there are ways to get around this. Most of which involves deception of the local police. It is possible to meet people in coffee shops, pizzerias and at private parties, should you warrant an invite. The latter is probably your best chance for a party holiday in Tehran. The police are there to enforce the law and if you are seen out in public cavorting with a woman, you could be taken in. In most cases however, unless you speak the language, you may have some difficulty having a party holiday in Tehran.

Couples Holiday in Tehran

Much the same as honeymooning in Tehran, a couple’s holiday in Tehran is only viable if you can handle being separated physically from your loved one as kissing and hugging in public is not looked upon kindly. Whilst it is a fairly inexpensive destination with a number of notable and interesting cultural hotspots, if you want somewhere where you can be free to be as natural as you would, this is not the place for you.

Golf Activity Holiday in Tehran

Iranians love sport and you will find golf courses around, which are just as popular with women as men – though ladies are only allowed to play if they are related to the man, officially. While it might not be the well-developed pastime that you will find here, golfing in Tehran has taken off to some extent and you will at least be able to find courses such as Englehab, which is based on military ground, so don’t take any pictures. Whilst the golf courses in Tehran may not be up to the impeccable standard that is demanded by utter professionals, it is at least a beautiful setting to swing a few irons.

Skiing - Snow Boarding in Tehran

The ski slopes situated in the north of Tehran are world-famous for being some of the finest about. There are three main areas to ski, the most popular being the Dizin resort. Dizin is the highest in altitude of the resorts and its geographical location supports the longest period of suitable weather – half the year from November to May. Shemshak is the nearest ski resort to Tehran and is generally home to the trickier slopes, though despite its varying weather, it still pulls in the crowds.

Darbandsar is about an hours’ drive, being the most recent to open and caters for the beginners. Snowboarding in Tehran can also be perfected on these resorts, where it is estimated they make up over 30% of riders. Put simply, Tehran is perfect for skiing and snowboarding.

Sailing Activity Holiday in Tehran

Sailors should steer clear of Tehran and look for other ports of call as sailing in Tehran is not possible.

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Tehran

Tehran is geographically landlocked, so water sports and particularly scuba diving in Tehran doesn’t happen.

Hiking Activity Holiday in Tehran

Hiking in Tehran can be a nice, stress-free way to escape the limits of this modern-day rat race. Whilst others rush, you can stroll briskly along, no doubt uncovering new, unexplored areas in this massive Iranian capital. Hiking in the ski resorts is also a particular highlight, though at Dizin there is an elevator to assist you, should you wish. Generally hiking in Tehran is to be encouraged and is the best way to see the attractions of the city, as well as spending some time away, though the mountain air of the ski resorts might be a bit better for you than the pollution of Tehran.

Cycling Activity Holiday in Tehran

If you are a traveller passing through Tehran, cycling may seem a very viable option, and indeed there is probably no better way to see a city. However cycling on Tehran’s roads is probably just writing an invitation for trouble as many motorists (including pedestrians) seem to have less respect for the cyclist than they do for their fellow road users. Do not cycle in Tehran unless you are at a very advanced level of riding.

Shopping Holiday in Tehran

Whether you’re looking for a bargain at one of the numerous bazaars, in the hunt for some dodgy electronics or the latest cinema releases, or perhaps just want some more conventional foreign purchases – look no further than the bustling streets of Tehran. If you are after any of the aforementioned, you’ve come to the right place. Shopping in Tehran is generally an enjoyable experience and you will find the finest Persian rugs to the most bizarre souvenir shops here. Shopping in Tehran mainly occurs at one of the squares around the city, though it will be obvious where and when.

Well-being and Spa in Tehran

Spas are mostly found outside the city as they are more of a developing phenomenon in Tehran. Whilst there are certainly more in Iran than there were three years ago, spas and well-being holidays are not as popular here. You may well be lucky enough to be staying in one of the luxurious hotels that had its own facilities, but generally you’ll have to leave the city to experience the best. Iranian Spa Tours are well in progress and very popular with tourists.

Touring - Driving holiday in Tehran

Driving in Tehran is certainly an experience, though whether one would want to make a holiday out of it is certainly questionable. Whilst you can drive in from abroad to Iran and subsequently Tehran, driving in the city would never be described as a pleasure with rife pollution in the air and generally hazardous conditions and obstacles to overcome. Add that to the fact that fuel is rationed and therefore ridiculously expensive all adds up to a holiday from hell. A driving holiday in Tehran is therefore, not advised.

Wine Tasting Holiday in Tehran

Wine-tasting is another activity that isn’t exactly championed by the state. Whilst you may have heard of illicit wine-tasting experiences in Tehran, it’s not an official pastime of the residents.

Winter Sun in Tehran

If you can get far enough out of the city to see the sun (note the ski resorts), there are few better places in the world to fully enjoy and experience the natural beauty of winter sun than Tehran. Whilst mainland Tehran may have its views somewhat obscured by the intense smog, the mountains of the Alborz provide the perfect setting to sit and watch the beautiful winter sun rise and set in true tranquillity.