Jersey: Holidays

The Largest Channel Island


Backpacking in Jersey

A backpacking holiday in Jersey is a great adventure and an inexpensive way of exploring the island’s unspoilt beauty. Jersey is also an ideal starting point for backpackers to visit the nearby Channel Islands of Sark and Guernsey with its 100 miles of coastlines and cliff walks. Guernsey and Sark can easily be reached by ferries. Although there are no Youth Hostels currently on Jersey, there are numerous low cost guest houses and hotels that are in the price range for backpackers. Affordable accommodation for backpackers can be found in St. Helier, by the sandy beach of Grouville Bay or St. Brelade on the west coast of Jersey. The average rate per person per night ranges from £20 during low season to £27 in high season and will include breakfast.


Beach in Jersey

With over 50 miles (80 kms) of beautiful coastline, Jersey beaches are amongst the best in the British Isles. From secluded rocky coves in the north to golden sandy beaches on the south and west coast, the sweeping sandy beaches in Jersey embody a holiday of sun, sea and sand that is suitable for families, couples and singles alike looking for a beach holiday in Jersey. In St. Brelade’s Bay, you can choose between fun filled beach activities such as fun boat rides, canoeing or simply spend a leisurely afternoon in one of the beach front cafes. St.Ouen’s Bay, in the west coast of Jersey is renowned for its surfing and hosts several international surfing competitions. St. Aubin’s Bay is a popular spot for water skiers and wind surfers looking for an active beach holiday in Jersey.

There are jet skis available for hire and water skiing lessons for beginners at the beach. The sandy beach of St. Aubin’s Bay is also a favourite haunt for building sand castles. For those who want to get away from the crowds, Beauport, as a beach holiday in Jersey, offers secluded and protected coves and is an ideal and safe place for sunbathers. Jersey has some of the largest tidal flows in the world, sometimes with as much as a 40 foot difference between the high and the low water mark, therefore, care should be taken when bathing or exploring the seashore. A team of professional beach lifeguards patrol the following beaches from mid-May to the end of September - St Ouen’s Bay, St Brelade’s Bay and Plemont. There is also a lifeguard at West Park and the Havre des Pas pool but these areas are not patrolled.


Camping in Jersey

Camping by the sea can be an exhilarating experience. Imagine, waking up each morning to the sound of lapping waves, seagulls and fresh sea air. There are many campsites in and around Jersey. Most of them are located near coastline with picturesque views of the sea or countryside. You can either hire camping equipment from the operator or bring your own tent to these campsites. They are generally open from mid May through to September. There is always a high demand for places in the campsites and it is advisable to pre book your camping holiday in Jersey before you travel. It is illegal to camp anywhere other than a recognised and approved campsite. Dogs are accepted by prior arrangement with the campsite.

Corporate Weekend

Corporate Weekend in Jersey

Want to improve staff morale or teamwork? A corporate weekend in Jersey provides a perfect recipe for a fun filled, camaraderie and teambuilding setting. Start your corporate weekend with adrenaline rushing activities like abseiling, rock climbing and sailing or lighter activities such as walking, golf and fishing. For those who aren’t keen on sporting activities, there are also many historical sites and special places of interest to visit. Corporate weekends in Jersey offer the space and activities that will meet any budget and the expertise for creating an effective teambuilding experience. Jersey is an ideal destination for a corporate weekend of sun, sea and sand.


Cruises in Jersey

For an island that is dictated by miles of coastline, a cruise holiday in Jersey is a thrilling and ideal way to explore the island and enjoy the sights that cannot be viewed inland. The coastal cruise along the south coast of Jersey you see heavily fortified Castles and Old Forts dating back to the 6th century, gun emplacements and armaments and the famous Corbiere Lighthouse. Look out too for the abundance of birds as they build their nest and feed their young on the cliffs as you cruise in Jersey waters and if you are lucky, the dolphins might come out and play. There are several cruise operators in Jersey offering coastal cruises around the island with live commentary. Check out the tide and weather conditions with the cruise operator for the best day and time to sail.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts in Jersey

The culture and arts in Jersey embody the influence of many centuries of foreign occupation ranging from Vikings, Romans, French and English. From the ritual burial grounds of the Neolithic periods and the superb medieval castle of Mont Orgueil to the Samares Manor, a beautiful house dating back to Norman times, the people that settled in Jersey have made a significant influence to the rich colourful heritage. Nowadays, the culture and art scene in Jersey is a combination of historical landmarks and a wealth of English and French literature, the platform for modern arts. Jersey potteries and crafts feature strongly throughout the island.

Cycling Activity Holiday

Cycling Activity Holiday in Jersey

Jersey is a cycling paradise with unspoilt terrain, breathtaking views and astounding array of flora and fauna waiting at every corner. You can start your cycling holiday in Jersey with a leisurely ride or take the challenging route from east to west of the island. The Green Lanes are an intricate network of country lanes and aim at providing safe travel. Pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders have priority over cars. Motorists must travel at a speed limit of 15 miles an hour on a green lane.

On a cycling Holiday in Jersey, you can choose to explore the island yourself. Maps with clearly marked cycle routes are available in Jersey and will help navigate you safely around the island. If you fancy some company, join a guided cycle tour and meet fellow visitors as you explore Jersey’s 350 miles of roads, byways and lanes. There are several bicycle hire shops, with a choice of mountain bikes, tandems, hybrid bikes, tag a longs and baby carriages. Jersey is a safe and ideal destination for a cycling holiday for families.

Disabled Needs

Disabled Needs in Jersey

There are no worries for disabled people going on holiday to Jersey. Most of the visitor attractions, hotels and guesthouses are wheel chair friendly with facilities for the hard of hearing and visually impaired. With the exception of some older buildings, most buildings are equipped with automatic entrances, wide aisle, ramps and disabled toilets. Every effort is made to ensure that holidays for disabled people in Jersey are safe and enjoyable.

There is a Shopmobility scheme where self propelled scooters or wheel chairs can be hired to make getting around like St Helier, Durrell Wildlife and Jersey War Tunnels easier. For those who drive, there is also ample disability parking spaces allocated. Jersey is a safe and disable friendly place for visitors. Please note, UK and European Blue Badges entitle disabled drivers to park in designated areas, such as on-street parking zones and in multi-storey car parks however, they do not permit disabled drivers to park on yellow lines. Parking in public car parks is free for badge holders. Jersey as a holiday for disabled people is a safe and disable friendly place.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Jersey

Jersey is a great family holiday destination. From miles of safe, clean golden beaches to beautiful country walk, there are many attractions and activities that would appeal to all ages. As an island, it is easy to access to different activities and you are never far from amenities. There is a vast array of things to do on a family holiday in Jersey. From sand castles for the little ones to water skiing and abseiling for the older kids, there are many activities in Jersey that will keep the children happy, busy and “out of your hair”.

There are also activities that families can do together such as an educational trip to The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. You can learn more about the German Occupation during World War 2 at the Jersey War Tunnels or cycle around the ‘green lanes’. There are many types of holiday accommodation available for a stress free family holiday in Jersey and some of the accommodation has facilities like swimming pools and barbeque pits. Food is also plentiful in Jersey with many restaurants, cafes and ice cream bars scattered around the island. A family holiday to Jersey makes for a great holiday that your family will not forget.

Hen Destination in Jersey

Jersey is a hidden gem when it comes to organising a Hen party or as a Hen Holiday destination. There is plenty of nightlife mostly found in St Helier, for a hen celebration in Jersey. Smart wine bars, venues for live music, pubs and night clubs for all night dancing, are all within the vicinity.

There are many Guest Houses, Hotels and Apartments that will suit any budget and are there many within walking distance from the night spots. So you can leave the car and you have no worries about getting back to your hotel at the end of the night. In the day, continue your hen party in Jersey by feasting on great seafood, try activities like abseiling, go karting, or take a fun boat ride or simply relax and be pampered in a spa. Some of the ladies in your Hen Party will no doubt head off to the shops at some stage and with lower taxes and no UK VAT it’s likely you will return with more than you came with.

Stag Destination in Jersey

Not many people would have thought of holding a stag party in Jersey. As a matter of fact, Jersey is a hidden gem for a stag celebration. There is plenty of nightlife found mostly in St Helier. There’s smart wine bars, venues for live music, pubs and night clubs for all night dancing. Jersey has a great choice of guest houses, hotels and apartments that will suit any budget and if you choose St Helier are mostly within walking distance from the night spots which means you’ll have no worries about getting back to your hotel at the end of the night. In the day, continue your stag party in Jersey by feasting on great seafood, or something more energetic like activities such as abseiling, go-karting, rock climbing, or sailing.

Honeymoon in Jersey

Jersey provides the perfect romantic setting for an unforgettable honeymoon. The natural beauty of the island, the valleys, countryside and miles of golden sands bring honeymooners to a dimension of much needed relaxation especially after a period of hectic wedding preparations. The blend of French and British cultural influence makes a honeymoon in Jersey an intriguing experience.

There are many activities for honeymoon couples, from adrenaline rush activities such as, go-karting, rock climbing, canoeing and cycling to visiting medieval castles, climbing the dramatic cliffs, sunbathing in the hidden cove of Beauport or simply walking on miles of golden sands into the sunset. With many guest houses, hotels and apartments in Jersey you’re sure to find something that will suit your budget. Most of these establishments

Naturism in Jersey

Naturist or nudist activities are officially and widely frowned upon by the locals in Jersey. There was an email inquiry to the States of Jersey Police about naturism in Jersey and the response was “nudist activities including nude sunbathing would constitute an offence in Jersey”. Local naturists have conferred that nude sunbathing is still possible at carefully chosen beaches but these locations are usually secluded and difficult to access. A naturism holiday in Jersey is therefore not recommended.

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Jersey

Jersey might not have the biggest nightlife compared to some other European countries but it still is an excellent place as a party holiday destination. There’s a reasonable array of entertainment on offer ranging from wine bars, pubs, live music venues and nightclubs. Some of the best night spot in Jersey are by the beach but most of the clubs and bars are located in St Helier. As a single travelling in Jersey safety is not an issue and you will be sure of a warm welcome.

Couples Holiday

Couples Holiday in Jersey

If you are thinking of having weekend break or a short holiday for you and your partner, Jersey is an ideal holiday destination for couples. On a couples holiday in Jersey, there’s plenty of holiday activities, sights to see, walking routes and lots of great food. Couples can choose from adrenaline rush activities like abseiling, skydiving or blo-karting to more relaxing activities like golfing, sailing or cycling. For those interested in nature and history, there are some beautiful places and historical landmarks such as the medieval castle of Mont Orguell and the Jersey War Tunnel sto visit. Alternatively, couples can also choose to relax and sunbath at the golden beach of St. Aubins or the hidden cove of Beauport. End the day with a romantic walk on the beach as the sun sets. Jersey is a great destination for couple’s holiday.

Golf Activity Holiday

Golf Activity Holiday in Jersey

There are only a few open golf courses in Jersey and most of the golf courses are only available to members. However, if you hold a membership to a golf club elsewhere and if there is an affiliation to any Jersey's golf clubs, you can play in the golf course. For those who don't belong to any private golf clubs, you can play at Les Meilles which is an exposed location on the edge of St Ouen's Bay. Jersey is probably not the ideal holiday destination due to its exposed and high wind conditions.

Sailing Activity Holiday

Sailing Activity Holiday in Jersey

Jersey is the perfect destination for a sailing holiday. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailor, there are many opportunities to do some sailing in Jersey. Beginners can learn to sail in dinghies in the enchanting surroundings whilst experienced sailors can sail round the island and discover offshore reefs, secluded anchorages and fantastic scenery. You can also go sailing in a catamaran or yacht with sailing operators in Jersey. Experience the thrill of real sailing, stopover at secluded coves, swim and snorkel in the islands water and most importantly, keep your eyes peeled for seals and dolphins. Sailing holidays in Jersey are available all year round and the prices vary depending on the time of year and the length of time you wish to sail.

Shopping Holiday

Shopping Holiday in Jersey

Although shopping is probably not the biggest attraction in Jersey there are some real plus points if you decide on a shopping holiday. As a shopping destination, Jersey is attractive as it enjoys low taxation and no UK VAT. The main area for shopping in Jersey is at St Helier. It features a good selection of popular high street retailers, speciality shops selling high end designer watches, arts and jewellery and don't forget to watch out for that bargain. If you are looking for Jersey arts and crafts, the Harbour Gallery at St. Aubins has a good display of artwork by local artists. Watch out for Jersey soaps, Jersey pottery, Jersey woollen goods and Jersey pearl. Local produce such as Jersey Black butter, an old and traditional delicacy made out from cider apples, can also be purchased in farm shops or at the Victorian vegetable and fish market. The goods and service tax (GST) in Jersey is 3%.

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Jersey

The warm waters surrounding the Channel Islands make it an ideal home for a wide range of marine life and a great Scuba Diving holiday for you. The geological history of the island, its underwater world of platoon caverns, steep sided underwater valleys and high tidal movements makes a scuba diving holiday in Jersey a fascinating experience. Some of the best scuba diving spots in Jersey is the shipwreck site of SS Schokland Dutch Freighter which sunk in 1943. It’s filled with marine life, lobster and conger eel all living in the cargo hold. Bouley Bay, a protected cove has an impressive array of marine life like wrasse, rays and several species of crabs. It is a popular shore diving spot in Jersey. Explore St Catherines Breakwater and observe interesting corals and fish making their home within the granite. There are several centres offering PADI diving courses. Even beginners can discover and enjoy the abundant marine life on a Scuba Diving Holiday in Jersey.

Well-being and Spa

Well-being and Spa in Jersey

Jersey is fast becoming a top destination for a Well Being and Spa holidays. Most of the spas can be found within hotels and offer luxurious accommodation with quality food and efficient service. Recently in Jersey, several new spas have opened in opulent country houses, funky townhouses and historic manor houses; all set within view of rolling hills and beautiful beaches. A Spa holiday or Well Being holiday in Jersey will include relaxing spa treatments such as massage, facial, hot tubs and saunas, with the inclusion of food and accommodation. A Well Being and Spa holiday in Jersey could be the well deserved holiday break for you.

Wine Tasting Holiday

Wine Tasting Holiday in Jersey

The warm climate and the historical connection with France provides an interesting setting for wine production. A wine tasting holiday in Jersey is a another option for wine lovers looking to include this as part of a holiday. Please note you will not be overwhelmed by numerous wine cellars and vineyards so please do not compare Jersey with the prolific wine producing countries. A guided wine tour is operated by vineyard owner at the La Mare Estate. The tour includes a stroll around the beautiful vineyards, cider orchards and a chance to see how wine is produced. There’s also tasting of the La Mare Estate wine and their cream liqueur. As La Mare is a working estate, it is opened to visitors throughout the year. It is best as already mentioned not to go to Jersey solely as a wine tasting holiday.

Winter Sun

Winter Sun in Jersey

If you desire a quiet and relaxing winter sun holiday you will probably have to be happy with the relaxation bit and not the sun. Jersey is not the best good destination to go to if you expect to come back with a wonderful sun tan however it is milder than the UK. The winter climate in Jersey is relatively mild, sometimes wet but with rare snow showers. The milder temperature encourages early appearance of spring flowers and sometimes blooming in the middle of winter.

Every year there is a vibrant Christmas festival in Jersey. From the 2nd December, The La Fête dé Noué begins. The Christmas lights are switched on and street performers take to the streets. There’s festive food and carol singers in St Helier’s town centre and hotels and guesthouses open their doors to visitors who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparation and simply want to relax infront of cosy log fires and feasting on the fine food of Jersey. All in all if you can do with a little sun, a winter sun holiday in Jersey may well be a welcome getaway.