Cyprus: Holidays

A kaleidoscopic blend of cultures


Backpacking in Cyprus

A backpacking holiday in Cyprus is a glorious way to explore the islands rich history and natural beauty. Follow in the footsteps of Richard The Lionheart and the Crusaders and discover a myriad of historical sites and legends of mythology. There is plenty of cheap accommodation for backpackers dotted around the island and Youth Hostels in Cyprus, offer 2 and 3 bedroom apartments ranging between 20 and 30 Euros per night, though some require a minimum 3 night stay. Backpacking around Cyprus is cost effective, insightful and enjoyable.


Beach in Cyprus

Cyprus has miles of beautiful golden coastline which make the ideal for a perfect beach holiday. The beaches in Cyprus are clean and well maintained which resulted in many of them being awarded with the International blue flag. A beach holiday in Cyprus is the perfect way to relax, but for the more adventurous many offer water sport activities such as jet-ski, fun boats, wind-surfing, diving and parascending, and some even have equipment for water skiing. Cyprus is also blessed with serene bays hidden amongst the alcoves and are the perfect tonic to escape the rigours of everyday life.

Boat trips are also widely available from beaches in the main resorts of Cyprus where you get the chance to explore the coast and visit other. These trips are particularly good for exploring the aquatic wildlife and discovering the secluded bays you would ordinarily have missed.


Camping in Cyprus

Campsites in Cyprus are few and far between, but the ones that are available have all the amenities you would expect to find when camping. Although the campsites are situated near the popular resorts, the most endearing feature about camping in Cyprus is you have a retreat to escape the rigours of everyday life that is calm and relaxing. The campsites in Cyprus are all very reasonably priced at around 6 Euros a day and are equipped with toilets, showers and a laundrette. They all have supermarket amenities a short distance away and some are close to the beach, if not on it! It is illegal to camp anywhere other than a recognised campsite so if you do intend to take a camping holiday in Cyprus, ensure you book early to reserved a pitch in one of the seven official campsite.

Corporate Weekend

Corporate Weekend in Cyprus

Cyprus is the perfect retreat for corporate exercises wanting to boost staff morale. The opportunities to relax are plentiful, or you could participate in adrenaline fuelled team building exercises, like mountain biking, rock climbing or golfing. If you wish for something high octane, why not try an espionage weekend and experience what it takes to be a spy engaging in hostage rescue or escape and evasion exercises. For those who want something less hair raising, there are ample of historical sites and places of interest to explore making Cyprus an ideal destination for a corporate weekend.


Cruises in Cyprus

The location of Cyprus off the coast of Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt and Syria, not forgetting the many other Greek islands, make it the perfect destination from which to take a cruise. Because of the rich choice of surrounding targets you will find cruise holidays in Cyprus in abundance. The hardest choice is picking where you want to go. The number of famous landmarks within a short cruise trip from Cyprus is remarkable and is the perfect starting location for anybody wishing to explore the close proximity. The miles of beautiful golden coastline and the clear azures of the calm Mediterranean Sea, also make Cyprus one of the most convenient islands from which to take a cruise ship. The cruises offer live commentary and provide advice of the do and don'ts and if you are lucky you may even see dolphins en route.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts in Cyprus

Due to its geographic location in the epicentre of the cultural worlds of Europe and Asia, Cyprus has an abundance of art and culture and there is no shortage history and mythology to explore. The heritage of the isle of Aphrodite is predominantly influenced by his conquerors over the centuries and there is still strong groundings of Greek and Roman occupation through to the medieval Byzantine era and Ottoman rule. Holidays in Cyprus are a perfect opportunity to indulge in arts and culture of the past and Cypriot like nothing more than to celebrate the islands history with numerous festivals and exhibitions all year round. Some ancient sites unearthed in the recent past are still been excavated on leaving Cyprus with the promise of further discoveries and many more tales of the past to uncover. Holidays in Cyprus offer mystical intrigue and the art and culture that on this beautiful island make for a holiday that can be both relaxing and inspiring.

Cycling Activity Holiday

Cycling Activity Holiday in Cyprus

Cyprus is a relatively compact island making it the ideal destination for a cycling holiday. Purpose-built routes are mapped out all around the island that will appeal to cyclists of varying capabilities and desires. The routes are graded from 1-4, one being the easiest, four the hardest, so you don't have to worry about cycling a route you don't are not comfortable on. Whether you prefer to cycle through the pleasant countryside of Cyprus or tackle the challenging terrain off the beaten track, the views you will encounter will not be disappointing. In Cyprus you will find biking holidays geared specifically for cycling that offer accommodation in serene settings and bicycle hire all included in the price. There is a wealth of things to do and explore in Cyprus and getting around by bicycle is one of the most pleasant and gratifying options.

Disabled Needs

Disabled Needs in Cyprus

There are plenty of amenities for disabled people wanting to holiday in Cyprus. Most accommodation in Cyprus caters for the disabled, hard of hearing and visually impaired with specially adapted rooms and wheel chair friendly facilities. However, it is advisable to check with the place you are staying that facilities for the disabled will be available and in working order for when you travel. Most bars, tavernas, restaurants and other public buildings are easily accessible though most to not have disabled toilets. However, there are a number of travel agents that cater specifically for disabled people wanting to holiday in Cyprus who can advice of the safest and most equipped places to stay, eat and visit. For those who drive, the major towns and cities have free disabled bays for blue badge holders.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Cyprus

Holidays in Cyprus are mainly geared towards the beer swilling youth or more discerning people interested in the islands culture. However, there is still plenty of things to do for the family and some festivals are aimed at attracting young children. The majority of hotels have a choice of pool and sports facilities with staff providing games and entertainment. There is an abundance of golden beaches and beautiful walks and plenty of opportunities to hire bikes or a car if you wish to venture further afield. Water parks are popular amongst families holidaying in Cyprus though if you have a large family can be quite expensive. Most beaches have activities kids love and the clear waters are excellent for snorkelling, and a variety of boat trips are a great opportunity to see some aquatic life or go deep seas fishing.

Hen Destination

Hen Destination in Cyprus

Cyprus is renowned for its heavy drinking all night parties and relaxing pool days making it the perfect destination for a hen party - or holiday with the girls. There is ample nightlife in the popular resorts of Ayia Napa and Limassol which is an ideal location to celebrate your hen party, but if you prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle the quieter retreats will help you recover from your hangover. Being the island of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, Cyprus is a popular place for couples to get married and a number of agencies cater for hen and stag nights or joint hen and stag nights, prior to the wedding ceremony. Whether you want a wild day on the beach or be pampered in the spa, Cyprus can be as hectic or idyllic as you want to make it.

Stag Destination

Stag Destination in Cyprus

Not many brides to be will be keen on the idea of their future husband cavorting round Cyprus unsupervised, but stag parties in Cyprus can be geared to ensure you have the perfect wedding celebrations. As well as the vibrant nightlife, there is plenty of activities to keep you busy day and night and provide the excuses to the missus that you were too tired for extra curricular fantasies. Relax on the beach in between hair adrenaline boosting water sports, or take your stag weekend go-karting or mountain biking through the rugged terrain of the Troodos mountains. If you have ever been intrigued what it is like as a spy, why not go on an espionage adventure and pretend you are the heroic characters of the Bond and Bourne films. If you are not to be trusted or want a last night out without your fianceé, some agencies organise hen and stag parties before the wedding, or if she insists, joint hen and stag parties.


Honeymoon in Cyprus

Is there a more romantic place to have a honeymoon than Cyprus, the island of love goddess, Aphrodite? In Greek mythology the goddess of love is said to have emerged from foam of the waves in the Mediterranean Sea and washed up to the shore of Cyprus in a beautiful shell. The island is beautiful with plenty of romantic settings like one of the many walks or secluded bays where you can watch the sun melt into the sea. Weddings in Cyprus are popular due to the clement weather and with 333 days of glorious sunshine, you will be virtually ensured your wedding day is not spoilt by wind or rain. Many honeymoon couples like to take a visit to Aphrodite's baths where it is said the goddess met and seduced her lover, Adonis. Taking a dip in the pool there is said two bond the couples union of love. Because the island is so versatile getting married in Cyprus is an ideal destination for the honeymoon couple and guests to explore the island or simply relax, whatever their hearts desire.


Naturism in Cyprus

There are no designated nudist beaches in Cyprus, though there are plenty of sheltered beaches and secluded coves for naturists to skinny-dip or sunbathe naked if they are discreet. Naturism holidays in Cyprus are not uncommon even though they are not specifically catered for, though on most beaches topless women are standard fare. The summer months between July and September are not recommended for naturist holidays as this is when Cypriots take their holidays and flood to the non-tourist beaches used by locals and thus ideal for stripping off.

Party Holiday - Singles Life

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Cyprus

Cyprus is the perfect destination for singles and party holidays, particularly the popular resorts like Ayia Napa, Limassol and Paphos where mostly young people spend their holidays. The nightlife here is vibrant with bars staying open til 2am and nightclubs open til 5 or 6am. In the height of summer some clubs in Cyprus don't close until 8am making partying in Cyprus an all night affair. Other than petty theft there is little crime on the island so singles holidaying in Cyprus will feel perfectly safe walking around during the day and at night and with so many other single people on the island you don't have to be alone for long.

Couples Holiday

Couples Holiday in Cyprus

Holidays in Cyprus for couples are the perfect excuse to get away from the rigours of everyday life. The island of Aphrodite has a wealth of history and legends to explore and the pristine golden beaches are the perfect setting to relax and enjoy the baking sun. For couples wanting to spend quality time together, there are plenty of romantic things to do in Cyprus and it is renowned for the island of love. Why not hire a car or mountain bikes and explore the spectacular coastline or the miles of serene countryside where you will find lots of places to picnic or take a romantic walk. Pay a visit to Aphrodite baths where legend has it a dip in the pool there will bond the relationship of a couple and strengthen their love, or stroll along the miles of beautiful coastline during sun set and watch the sun melt into the sea.

Golf Activity Holiday

Golf Activity Holiday in Cyprus

The weather in Cyprus is perfect for golfing holidays and the courses offer some spectacular surroundings. Golf courses in Cyprus are open to anybody wishing to play a round and there are numerous custom designed packages specifically catering for golf holidays. Golf clubs in Cyprus have smart casual dress codes and hire out equipment if required. Golf in Cyprus is becoming increasingly popular and there are plans to develop around 14 golf courses making it an ideal destination for golfers.

Sailing Activity Holiday

Sailing Activity Holiday in Cyprus

Sailing in Cyprus couldn't be easier or more idyllic. The clement weather and calm waves of the Mediterranean make Cyprus the ideal destination for sailing holidays. Yachts in Cyprus are available for hire where you can explore the many beaches and secluded coves at your leisure in style. For anybody new to life on the waves and want to give it a try whilst on holiday in Cyprus, lessons are available in sailing schools. The numerous Greek islands in close proximity to Cyprus make the area an ideal place to set sail in search of peace and quiet in exotic locations. The clear water of the Mediterranean is ideal for swimming and snorkelling and you should of course keep your eyes peeled for dolphins.

Shopping Holiday

Shopping Holiday in Cyprus

Shopping in Cyprus is probably not the best destination for shopaholics. There are a few shops selling designer labels, though most you will find are geared towards tourists. Shops in Cyprus are open from 9am but close at for a couple of hours in the afternoon when the sun is at its fiercest, but they open again around 3.00pm and for most of the year stay open til 7pm. In the height of the summer season though, shops close around 5pm.

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Cyprus

Scuba diving in Cyprus is a popular past time and the island has plenty of outlets and tour operators providing trips and equipment. The warm, clear waters are full of exotic aquatic life and as there is little current or high tide Cyprus is the ideal destination for scuba divers of all capabilities. There are a number of specific locations around the island perfect for scuba diving with ship wrecks, ancient settlements and the odd coral reef making a scuba diving holiday in Cyprus a fascinating experience.

Well-being and Spa

Well-being and Spa in Cyprus

The idyllic surroundings of Cyprus make it the perfect retreat for a relaxing spa holiday. Many of the luxurious accommodations offering spa treatment in Cyprus look out over lush golden sands and soothing clear blue seas. If you care about your well being and need to quality 'you' time Cyprus has a healthy selection of spas set in calm and pleasant locations. Spa holidays or Well being holidays in Cyprus include accommodation and food and a good variety of spa treatments such as massage, facials, hot tubs and saunas and is perfect for a well deserved break in stylishly enchanting location.

Wine Tasting Holiday

Wine Tasting Holiday in Cyprus

Cyprus has been making wine for over 4000 years and other than Chile, is the only country that does not taint its wines with phylloxera, giving them an authentic organic flavour. The Limassol wine festival and the Amafia wine festival are the only two events specifically catering for wine tasting in Cyprus, though there are a number of wineries in delightful setting scattered around the island. The warm climate is ideal for winemaking and with over 100 varieties of grape grown on the island there is plenty of wine to choose from. Cyprus has a strong tradition in winemaking traditions and there are plenty of tours to indulge to make your wine tasting holiday in Cyprus an extremely pleasant, yet forgettable one.

Winter Sun

Winter Sun in Cyprus

With 333 days of sunshine and an all year round warm climate, holidaying in Cyprus during the winter is as pleasant as any other time of the year. The temperature in Cyprus rarely drops below 15 degrees Celsius so even in the winter you will only need light clothing. December to February is generally the rainy season, but even during these times they only have 7 or 8 days of rainfall a month. The winter months are a lot quieter than the rest of the year so you will have no problem finding a suitable winter sun holiday in Cyprus though Christmas and New Year is a popular time and you are advised to book early over this period. The bars and clubs have wound down slightly after the tumultuous highs of the summer months, but the major attractions are still open throughout the winter months so you will not be stuck for things to do. It is still hot enough to sunbathe and the beaches are less full and more relaxing making holidays in Cyprus a most welcome getaway.