Costa Rica: Holidays

Where the sun always shines


Backpacking in Costa Rica

A backpacking holiday in Costa Rica is most likely to be part of a backpacking holiday around South America. With its close borders to Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica is a very pleasant crossing and the least violent county in South America. Hostels are situated in and around Costa Rica, each offering cheap accommodation, people from all walks of life and cheap amenities. Added to the fact one can get cheap bus transportation between Costa Rican cities, it is the ideal stop for a backpacking holiday – and essential for those far-away holiday snaps. Costa Rica is blessed with beautiful scenery, paradise locations and plenty to see and do once-in-a-lifetime experiences, all at very reasonable prices.


Beach in Costa Rica

Whether you want to soak up the sun and sea on the Caribbean Sea or Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is spoilt for choice and provides the perfect beach holiday. With the ability to rent idyllic scenic and breathtaking beach cabins and enough sun, sea and sand to get lost in – Costa Rica is the ideal beach holiday location. Pure white sandy beaches, over 12 hours of sunlight a day and a climate that is both subtropical and tropical depending on the area, beach holidays are a must in Costa Rica. Virtually anywhere that you stay within Costa Rica is blessed with these sun-kissed landscapes, full of amenities, activities and natural terrain that just demands to be explored. Costa Rica and beach holidays are a match made in paradise.

Camping in Costa Rica

Camping holidays in Costa Rica are understandably popular. The very thought of being so close to a naturally-preserved and unique ecosystem. Many hostels, hotels, and even personal residents offer camping of some kind, though it would be advisable to go with one as opposed to going it alone – a covered camping area in Costa Rica is particularly desirable. Whilst technically you are allowed by law to camp on the beach in Costa Rica, it is generally frowned upon and there is no guarantee your possessions will still be intact, should you leave the tent. Information about Costa Rican camping holidays is readily available online, although a lot of it is out of date. Camping in the jungle in Costa Rica is not particularly advised either and there will be a whole different ecosystem to get used to. Try and camp in an established area if you want a camping holiday in Costa Rica.

City Breaks in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is effectively a developing country. Whilst it does have large cities like its capital San José, it is not really a destination for city breaks. Costa Rica is about tranquillity, a naturally beautiful environment in all its beauty, wild and rare species and adventures utilizing the natural terrain. Whilst you may stay in a city like San José, it is unlikely that you will be visiting it for the usual purposes of a city break in Costa Rica. Whilst cities do include amenities and activities, their culture is not the focus of a trip to Costa Rica.

Corporate Weekend in Costa Rica

Unless your company is based in the North or South American region, a corporate weekend in Costa Rica would be rather out of the question. The flight times would mean that you would probably be flying to and from for as just as long as you were soaking up the sun. For countries in the Americas, Costa Rica could be a fantastic destination for corporate weekends – offering once-in-a-lifetime views, relaxing and pleasant atmospheres and daring activities. 8/10 (Americas) 0/10 (rest of the world)


Cruises in Costa Rica

You can take cruises in Costa Rica and it is a particularly enjoyable and popular experience for the tourists that visit the country. Cruises can be taken along idyllic Pacific Islands and enjoy snorkelling and interact with the various aquatic life that resides there. Many of these Costa Rica cruises will offer various packages with extras thrown in like dinner and live music. You can take long cruises to nearby lands like Panama, ecological cruises that take in various species for bird watching and underwater life and shorter cruises between islands and along the coastlines. With so many natural sights to see and so many beautiful seas of the world to cruise through, Costa Rica cruises are something not to be missed.

Culture and Arts in Costa Rica

Having been a former Spanish colony, Costa Rica is full of history and natural sights. Though Costa Rica doesn’t have the greatest collection of manmade culture, it certainly packs a great deal of natural culture. By night San José gets into its stride with discos hotter than the tropical night. On weekends rural folks flock to small-town dance halls, and the Ticos' celebrated reserve gives way to outrageously flirtatious dancing befitting a land of passionate men and women. The streets of San José are festooned with tiny theatres--everything from comedy to drama, avant-garde, theatre-in-the-round, mime, and even puppet theatre. Crowds flock every night Tuesday through Sunday. Modern artists in Costa Rica are also starting to begin to command global recognition. Costa Rica has its own unique culture & arts that need to be seen to be believed.

Disabled Needs in Costa Rica

Disabled facilities in Costa Rica were not always recognized by the government. In fact, a law respecting the rights of disabled people was not even passed until 1996 but there are campaigners who are working to drum home the importance of niche marketing. Access issues do exist but there are hotels within Costa that cater specifically for the disabled and provide access. So the advice for disabled holidays in Costa Rica is to check before you travel, though in a country with such unique and durable terrain, travellers need to be realistic.

Family Holiday in Costa Rica

If you can afford it, Costa Rica is fantastic for family holidays. Whether the kids just want a sun, sea and sand holiday or whether you book them into a fine resort offering entertainment, kids’ clubs and adventure holidays – Costa Rica certainly offers a lot of choice. There are more wildlife parks and adventure parks than you could dream of and plenty of animals that they will never see again in their lives, family holidays in Costa Rica are a unique experience. With vast areas of pure white beaches, naturally formed rocks and activities like snorkelling, surfing, kayaking, rafting, mountaineering and volleyball to be doing, there is more to do here than you could possibly have time for. Fantastic for kids and great for families, all amounting to that unforgettable family holiday in Costa Rica.

Gay and Lesbian

Gay and Lesbian in Costa Rica

The gay scene in Costa Rica is more vibrant than perhaps one would expect. There are many hotels, particularly in San José that advertise their selves as being gay friendly. Costa Rica is well known for being the most tolerant and therefore gay-friendly country in South America. There is a sizeable gay scene in the capital city of San José, with bars, clubs, saunas, restaurants, and an Internet café, as well as a gay hotel and beach in Quepos, on the Pacific coast. In Costa Rica, gay travellers need to keep in mind that although the country’s constitution protects homosexuals, the Catholic heritage of the national culture still leads to some personal condemnation. Just be careful outside of the capital, but in general Costa Rica is a good spot for a gay and lesbian holiday.

Hen Destination in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has its pros and cons for both hen and stag destinations. Firstly in terms of adventure, there really is no finer place, with lots of action sports that would please the fiercest macho man. Add to that a vibrant nightlife in the main cities; it could be a good destination for a stag weekend. For hen weekend destinations, it has everything a group of girls could want in terms of relaxation, stunning views and red-hot sun. Added to a vibrant nightlife, Costa Rica is a decent destination for a hen weekend. Though unless you are living within the Americas, it is a bit far to be going for just one weekend, though for the Americas, Costa Rica is a great destination for hen and stag weekends. 7/10 (The Americas) 0/10 Rest of the World

Stag Destination in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has its pros and cons for both hen and stag destinations. Firstly in terms of adventure, there really is no finer place, with lots of action sports that would please the fiercest macho man. Add to that a vibrant nightlife in the main cities; it could be a good destination for a stag weekend. For hen weekend destinations, it has everything a group of girls could want in terms of relaxation, stunning views and red-hot sun. Added to a vibrant nightlife, Costa Rica is a decent destination for a hen weekend. Though unless you are living within the Americas, it is a bit far to be going for just one weekend, though for the Americas, Costa Rica is a great destination for hen and stag weekends. 7/10 (The Americas) 0/10 Rest of the World

Honeymoon in Costa Rica

There are few more idyllic views of paradise than Costa Rica. With its jaw-dropping scenery, miles of beautiful coastline and enough luxury accommodation options for the most romantic holiday, a honeymoon in Costa Rica is likely to be the stuff dreams are made of. In fact, you can even get married in Costa Rica as well as spend your honeymoon there, with many establishments and famous hotels offering marriage ceremony facilities. Though if you are just visiting Costa Rica for your honeymoon, you won’t be alone as there are very few more romantic places in the world than the sun-kissed tropical paradise of Costa Rica. You are sure to find both the perfect suite/beach cabin/luxurious villa to spend candlelit dinners under the stars and enjoying heaven-on-earth sunsets

Naturism in Costa Rica

Surprisingly in a country known for its beautiful natural environment and life-saving ecosystem, naturism isn’t overly popular. Internet search results will not bring you many results for advertised resorts, but they do exist, you just need to know who to ask. There are men and women only resorts near the capital that cater for the naturist. Despite the vast quantities of beach life, there are no designated nude beaches in Costa Rica, so unless you decide to go it alone in the wild, a naturist holiday in Costa Rica may be slightly unfulfilling.

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Costa Rica

Costa Rican ladies are known affectionately as “ticas” and the dating scene, particularly for older men in Costa Rica is quite lively. It is not uncommon to see a much older man with a younger woman as age is not especially important in Costa Rica. No-one has supposedly told the Costa Ricans that disco is dead and disco bars start rocking from around 10pm onwards. For the singleton on the prowl there are many trendy bars and specifically orientated single clubs in which you may meet your tica. El Pueblo, near the capital, is the most lively and developed nightlife area within the country and features a non-stop party of clubs, bars and restaurants that party on until late. In summary, if you go looking for a good time in the right place you may find a great party and a tica all in one hazy evening.

Couples Holiday

Couples Holiday in Costa Rica

Whether you are looking for that irresistible beach-view, want some peace and quiet, want to take part in some more adventurous activities or share in a love of nature, Costa Rica is a great place for a couples holiday. Most popular areas have plenty of shops, amenities and local protected land to take a stroll around and take in some of the clean and pure air in this part of the world. Couples holidays in Costa Rica don’t need to be expensive either as it is relatively cheap to stay in luxurious accommodation in to suit every type of ideal. With lots of high and low adrenalin activities, Costa Rica is perfect for a couples holiday – all in an unrivalled romantic location.

Safari Activity Holiday in Costa Rica

There are more wildlife parks and conservation areas in Costa Rica than anywhere else and you are most likely to see some seriously rare species. Animals are kept in pristine conditions in a more luxurious environment than they would have experienced in the wild, though its mainly rare birds and rare smaller areas of wildlife you will find here. In many ways a safari holiday in Costa Rica is unrivalled for sheer volume of rare species and unique experiences with animals that are truly loved by their captors. For rare safari, not so much in a traditional sense, Costa Rica has no equal.

Golf Activity Holiday in Costa Rica

With the worldwide popularity of golf, it is no wonder then that Costa Rica has a number of golf courses and resorts across the country to satisfy even the most avid golfer. While a lot of large scale Costa Rica golf resorts being currently developed, the province of Guanacaste is home to the largest number of golf courses in the country. Not only are these courses set amidst some of the most beautiful scenic backdrops, but they are truly world class. Golf holidays in Costa Rica are set in dreamy locations with ranges to suit both the budget and the more avid golf fan.

Sailing Activity Holiday in Costa Rica

There is no other place like Costa Rica for sailing and enjoying the sun at the beach. Sailing holidays exist as package deals bundled with hotels and many will pick you up straight from the airport to get settled. Some sailing holidays in Costa Rica will be set to schedules where you visit lots of other unmissable natural delights such as volcanoes and beaches. Some such holidays involve transferring to different hotels as you make your way around this wonderful country, getting closer to the different types of wildlife naturally at home here. Sailing is understandably a popular activity in Costa Rica and you will find lots of companies offering expeditions to otherwise-unreachable islands.

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Costa Rica

Scuba diving holidays in Costa Rica present you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get closer to some of the rarest aquatic life in the world. Scuba diving and snorkelling is popular and is sometimes bundled with boat tours and/or cruises where a personal instructor dictates proceedings. In more dangerous waters, you will most likely have a personal instructor taking you all the way through it, to ensure that your Costa Rican scuba dive isn’t your last! You can sign up for scuba diving either through expedition companies (advertised in tourist facilities or your hotel) or by visiting the coastal areas. Scuba diving in Costa Rica is a unique and fulfilling experience.

Hiking Activity Holiday in Costa Rica

Whilst there are mighty stretches of land at your disposal, most in Costa Rica get around via automobiles and especially for the inexperienced Latin American traveller, hiking holidays in Costa Rica are not particularly advised. Whilst hiking is the closest to the nature of Costa Rica that you can get, inexperienced and naive visitors are in danger of finding themselves in unknown situations or simply getting lost. Though there are a number of well-marked trails, it is best to go with a guide or someone who knows the area. Though if you plan to go from A to a fairly far away B in Costa Rica – make sure you have a form of transportation.

Cycling Activity Holiday in Costa Rica

Cycling isn’t as popular in Costa Rica as perhaps it might be. Local driving is challenging enough at the best of times, so only an advanced cyclist will even have a chase of successfully navigating the tough natural terrains of this beautiful country. Add to this the lack of availability of cycling components in and around Costa Rica makes for a difficult holiday. If you are planning to cycle in Costa Rica, make sure you bring your own equipment.

Shopping Holiday in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not a place that prides itself on housing great shopping malls and encourages people to spend hours shopping. Still there are lots of local markets that open regularly, which you will find goods ranging from specialist material to crockery. Whilst there are shopping malls for everyday needs, you won’t find this to be a place raging with shoppers. Shopping holidays in Costa Rica are best combined with other things.

Well-being and Spa in Costa Rica

Costa Rica prides itself on being a centre of relaxation and recuperation. As you might expect, there are many spas and centres of relaxation dotted around the country that provide both day trips, short breaks and spa hotels in order to fully recharge those batteries. Using tried and tested relaxation techniques, as well as a few home-grown ones; Costa Rica has an abundance of good spa options for the traveller. Costa Rica is also becoming a haven for medical tourism – that is people who use the internet to find the finest surgeons to either perform crucial or vanity operations. Whatever your reason for coming to Costa Rica, there are countless options and resorts designed to have you returning home the best you have felt in years.

Touring - Driving holiday in Costa Rica

Travel with the freedom of a 4×4 vehicle through some of Costa Rica’s diverse landscapes on tailor made self drive holidays. Relax in the Central Valley, raft the Pacuare River, explore the Tortuguero wetlands, watch the Arenal volcano, walk through the Monteverde cloud forest and relax on a sandy beach. Use notes and guidance to make the most of your holiday time, exploring at a pace to suit you. Driving holidays in Costa Rica will most likely take in these scenic locations as well as providing you with the necessary navigation tools (with marked hotspots) so that you can see all Costa Rica has to offer from the windows of your car. Driving in Costa Rica might not be the most straightforward experience, but it is the most visually stunning.

Winter Sun in Costa Rica

If you are a sun seeker, Costa Rica is the place for you. Costa Rica winter sun is one of the most stunning visuals that you are likely to see in your lifetime, having been afforded by nature a place where the sun hangs high in the sky for longer. The sun in Costa Rica shines all year round; the main tourist areas where the land is at a moderate elevation will provide the most consistently bright climates with minimal rain – the perfect environment for enjoying winter sun in Costa Rica.