Canada: Holidays

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Backpacking in Canada

Canada is not as set up for backpackers as many locations in Europe, however it is growing in popularity as a destination for backpackers. The Rockies in particular have a variety of landscapes to entice travellers on a backpacking expedition. Backpacking in the Canadian wilderness will allow you to hike into some of Canada's most spectacular remote and beautiful areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Some of the most popular places to visit include the CN Tower, which is the tallest free standing land structure in the world, the Rogers Centre (formally the Skydome) which has the world's first retractable roof on a sporting arena, the City Hall, and the Nathan Phillips Square which is used as a farmers market and for other public events and concerts. Canada backpackers generally stay in youth hostels when not out enjoying Canada's culture and attractions. If you backpack to Toronto you will undoubtedly enjoy the car free environment of Toronto Island. It includes an amusement park as well as a public park and it is only accessibly by ferry.


Beach in Canada

Canada has lots of amazing beaches, so provided the weather is fine, it is a great place to enjoy a beach holiday. Many of Canada's beaches have gorgeous sunsets in the evenings, and you may see some exotic birds and butterflies while you are there. The Eastern shore in Lake Winnipeg is lines with beaches, including the Grand Beach which is very popular during the summer months. Then there is Kew Beach in Toronto, Wasaga Beach on the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron and the beautiful beaches on Prince Edward Island. Many parts of Canada enjoy surprisingly mild temperatures during summer, so you will be able to catch some sun. Just make sure you research your chosen area before you travel to ensure that the weather will live up to your expectations.


Camping in Canada

Camping in Canada is a great idea as it will allow you to stay in the heart of the most breathtaking natural scenery, away from the hustle and bustle of the major cities. Whether you want to go car camping with the kids, or you're a more hard-core wilderness camper, Canada has endless places to fulfill your passion for camping. Before you travel, make sure you are aware of restrictions on what you can and cannot bring with you. For example, You are permitted to bring camping gear, recreational equipment and supplies with you provided all items are clean and free of pests and soil. However, you cannot bring firewood or live bait into the country without a permit and there are certain restrictions on the types and quantities of food that are allowed to enter Canada. Canada has so many beautiful and peacful sites where you might choose to have your camping holiday, whether you wish to trek up the mountains or visit a campsite near one of the lakes. The weather in summer should be fine, but be aware that at other times of year it may be cold.

City Breaks

City Breaks in Canada

According to the 2008 Mercer Quality of Living Survey, Vancouver, Toronto, Montréal and Calgary are among the world’s top 25 most liveable cities, so this is proof that Canada's cities are among the best in the world. Each city has its own distinct identity, so which one you choose to visit will depend on your personal preference. Canada's largest city is multicultural Toronto, where you will find world-class architechture, museums, shopping and a thriving theatre and music scene. Montreal is where you will find the unique combination of French chic and American attitude. Attractions in Montreal include an indoor tropical rainforest in the Biodôme. Another city that epitomises French chic is QUebec, which has the added bonus of refreshingly reasonable prices as well as so many rolling hills and gorgeous nature you'll get all the delights of the countryside combined with the perks of a city. Or why not try Canada's capital city, Ottowa, which lies on the banks of the Ottowa river and is such an architecturally stunning city that you're bound to fall in love with it.


Cruises in Canada

Canada cruises are very popular in the autumn, when the leaves begin to fall and the surrounding land is covered in beauty. They also make an ideal summer destination. In face, whichever season you choose to cruise, it is sure to be an enjoyable and memorable experience. Cruising in Canada is the perfect place to whale watch whilst feasting on seafood and exploring the country's gorgeous sights and rich history. From towering cliffs and sandy beaches, to stunning bays and charming villages, there are numerous ways of discovering the sights and enjoying the different areas of Canada. A cruise holiday in Canada is the perfect way of seeing as many sights as possible - they have been there for thousands of years and are just waiting to be discovered.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts in Canada

Canada is very famous for its art collections, and for people inclined towards true forms of arts than Canada’s McMichael Art Gallery is a must-see, as it contains a unique blend of ancient culture and modern art. Canada’s artistic heritage is vast, with close to 6000 art works still alive in the huge art galleries of Canada. Being a settler nation, Canada's culture has historically been influenced by Europe, British and French in particular. The city of Fredericton has been named the cultural capital of Canada for 2009, and it has a vibrant arts and culture community with year-round events and performances for the whole family. Try the Fredericton City Hall Gallery, located in Queen Street, for a sample of the amazing artwork Canada has to offer. If you are visiting Toroonto, you're sure to be impressed by the Art Gallery of Ontario and Royal Ontario Museum. But don't forget to see the city's less visted galleries which have a charm all of their own.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Canada

Family holidays in Canada are ideal, especially if you go in the Summer time, when temperatures rarely dip below 30C. And, as 90% of Canadians live within one hour of the border to the United States, the northern half of the country is full of empty space for you and your family to get back to basics with nature - activities such as fishing, hunting, canoeing can be enjoyed whilst staying in a delightful rental cottage. The experience can be enhanced even further if you stay in one that faces out onto a lake - surrounded by natural beauty, you will have all the ingredients for a relaxing holiday. Of course, if you would prefer to holiday in a busier area, Canada has no shortage of beach resorts, and there are also numerous cities for you to take your pick from. Provided you go during the warmer months, Canada is a great destination for a family holiday.

Gay and Lesbian

Gay and Lesbian in Canada

With so many modern, cosmopolitan cities, Canada is a perfectly suitable location for a gay and lesbian holiday. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the outback, or join in the hustle and bustle of one of its major cities. Many tour operators organise specialist gay and lesbian holidays to cities in Canada, but if you organise your own you should not have any trouble finding great nightlife and lots of fun daytime activities on your trip. Many areas of Canada have actively promoted themselves as being 'gay friendly' (Ontario foe example). Canada may not be the first place that springs to mind when thinking of a gay and lesbian destination, but over time that perception is gradually changing.


Honeymoon in Canada

Although it may not automatically spring to mind, Canada is actually an amazing destination for a honeymoon. You can be as lazy or active as you like. It is not difficult to find a peaceful and quiet setting by the lakes in the outback in Northern Canada, nor it is it hard to find a city where you can soak up plenty of culture and engage yourself in lots of activites. If a beach honeymoon is more to your preference, then this is also possible, and during summer the weather is ideal, with temperatures in the late twenties/early thirties. Some other ideas for your honeymoon in Canada could include a log cabin in the Rockies, a luxury tent overlooking the ocean, kayaking with killer whales, a spa cabin over the water - the choice is entirely down to you.


Naturism in Canada

Canada is more receptive to naturism than the United States is, so it is a good destination for a naturist holiday provided you choose the correct location within Canada. Wreck Beach in Vancouver is ideal - it is the largest naturist beach in North America. There is also a nudist beach in the Toronto area. Canada is also home to lots of nudist clubs, where newcomers are welcome and groups of like-minded people get together on organised swims, saunas, volleyball and badminton to name a few. Many of these are child-friendly, with facilities for children to play in.

Party Holiday - Singles Life

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Canada

Canada is a great place to socialise, provided you stay within the urban areas, where 90% of Canada's population resides. Visit any of Canada's major cities and you are sure to be thrilled by the bustling streets lined with bars, clubs and restaurants. The European influences are apparent everywhere, and from French restaurants to traditional irish pubs, you will definitely find something to suit your personal tastes in Canada. Some examples include Little Italy on College Street, which has lots of sophisticated bars and restaurants, or Luvaffair in Vancouver, known as the city's only 'alternative' nightclub and where Thursday night is Britpop night.

Couples Holiday

Couples Holiday in Canada

Canada has lots of areas which are very romantic, so it is a perfect destination for couples to visit. Together, you can be as lazy or active as you like. It is not difficult to find a peaceful and quiet setting by the lakes in the outback in Northern Canada, nor it is it hard to find a city where you can soak up plenty of culture and engage yourself in lots of activites. If a beach holiday is more to your preference, then this is also possible, and during summer the weather is ideal, with temperatures in the late twenties/early thirties. Some other ideas for your couples holiday in Canada may include a log cabin in the Rockies, a luxury tent overlooking the ocean, kayaking with killer whales, a spa cabin over the water - the choice is entirely down to you.

Golf Activity Holiday in Canada

Should you decide to take a golfing holiday in Canada, you will be delighted to find that it has some truly amazing golf courses, made even better by the spectacular and captivating alpine settings. Kananaskis, Alberta and Whistler, and British Columbia are ski resorts in the winter which are then transformed into unique golfing escapes for the summer months. There is a selection of golf courses from each base, and driving to and from the golf course each day is sure to be enjoyable as a result of the surrounding mountains and streams and lakes, not to mention the pure fresh air and the open roads you'll be driving on. Canada golfing has added benefits, as you'll be able to take in some amazing wildlife while you're there, such as deer and black bears, which are common sights in and around the tall maple and pine forests. The golf season in Canada runs from May to September, and temperatures range from 18 to 25°C (65 to 80°F) during the day-time.

Skiing - Snow Boarding

Skiing - Snow Boarding in Canada

As one the northernmost countries, Canada is perfectly positioned for a skiing or snowboarding holiday. Not only does it have the mountains and the snow, but the top Canadian ski resorts are renowned for having fabulous facilities and accommodations to complement your ski-trip to Canada. Ski resorts in Canada stretch right across the country, with the best being in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec.

There are too many to mention individually, but among the most popular is Mont-Tremblant in Quebec, which boasts East Canada's most magnificent peak. Then there is the Whistler and Blackcomb mountains in British Columbia, thought to be one of the best ski destinations in the world. They are joined at the base by a pedestrian village with all the amenities you'd expect from a town that draws 2 million visitors a year. For a breathtakingly vertical drop, visit the Kicking Horse Resort, based in the scenic setting of the Purcell Range of the Rocky Mountains.

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Canada

It may not provide the warmest waters to dive in, but that doesn't mean that you cannot go scuba-diving in Canada. The west coast that surrounds Vancouver island is home to pods of orcas, sea lions and white-sided dolphins, that live in some of the strongest tidal currents in the world. The sheer rock walls below the surface around small islets are packed with bizarre marine life. Here you are likely to find the notoriously ugly but friendly wolf eels, giant Pacific octopuses, urchins and starfish to name but a few of the delights that await you. Air temperatures in Canada vary dramatically, with summers reaching daytime highs in the 70s and winter lows dipping to the 30s. Underwater, the temperatures warm to the 60s on the surface, but the underlying water temperature remains a steady mid-40 to 50 degrees all year-round, so dry suits are a must. Visibility is best from late summer until the end of winter.

Hiking Activity Holiday

Hiking Activity Holiday in Canada

With so many mountains and wide open spaces, Canada is surely one of the ultimate destinations for a hiking holiday. Explore Canada's meadows which are filled with the colour and beauty of wildflowers, marvel at the panoramic view from the mountain peaks, and take in the breathtaking sight of the glaciers. These are sure to make your hiking trip in Canada a memorable one. Many hiking tours also include helicopter rides, and you can choose a one-day hiking trip or choose to hike for several days to make sure you get to see as much scenery as possible. Breathing in the unspoilt air of the Canadian countryside is sure to leave you feeling revitalised

Cycling Activity Holiday

Cycling Activity Holiday in Canada

Canada was made for people who enjoy the great outdoors. Travelling Canada by bicycle is a great way to make the most of your trip, and you are sure to find plenty of stunning scenery to feast your eyes on while you cycle. There are many bike-riding and mountain-biking facilities across the country, so you can take your pick of destinations. Recommended regions of Canada to consider for your cycling holiday are Montreal, Ottawa, Victoria, Halifax and Calgary. If you are specifically looking to go mountain biking, then visit Whistler, as it has dedicated parks and trails, and is gaining international importance as a mountain-biking destination. Canada's vast prairies and wide open spaces offer great terrain for bike riding on your holiday.

Shopping Holiday

Shopping Holiday in Canada

Shopping in Canada's major cities provides everything you would expect - lots of shopping malls and plenty of stylish fashions to be found. For example, if you decide to go shopping in Toronto, you will find the third largest mall in Canada, the Toronto Eaton centre. It is bright and airy and houses more than 250 stores. The stores will appeal to the budget conscious and spendthrifts alike. It also connects underground with the PATH network of shops and businesses - perfect for rainy days. The many different cultures that can be found in Canada are refelcted in the clothes - from French chic to laid back skater-style, Canada shops have something to suit everyone, whatever your budget.

Well-being and Spa

Well-being and Spa in Canada

There are few places more suited to a spa holiday than Canada. Whether it be at a country retreat or at the urban spas popping up all over towns across Canada, you are sure to find one that suits you. Montreal is great for water lovers - you can bathe, get jetted, waterfalled, saunaed steamed, and massaged, followed by a plunge into cold water thanks to one of the newer spas in Old Montreal. It is part of a Nordic spa trend that has been taking Quebec by storm. Or how about Victoria Park, a "modern wellness village," which comes complete with a full-service spa, gym, hair salon and medical facility in Westmount? If you prefer zen, yoga and holistic healing then there are some funkier spas in Zazen in Old Montreal or Studio Bliss on St. Laurent Blvd. So whatever your preference, Canada seems to have something for everyone when it somes to wellbeing holidays.

Touring - Driving holiday

Touring - Driving holiday in Canada

Canada driving trips are an excellent way of exploring the country. The eastern provinces of Canada are steeped in history and culture, and its natural beauty remains untouched. Many people love driving in theis part of Canada thanks to the winding highways and gorgeous countryside. There are also some interesting diversions and of course there are plenty of big cities to stop off in and explore. Highlights include the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia and St. Johns in Newfoundland. During your driving tour of Canada you can expect to see some of the highest tides in the world in the land of Anne of Green Gables, great dunes and gentle coastlines. Activities you may wish to try while you are there include whale watching and rafting. Make sure you book your tour of Canda during the summer months as conditions may be less than favourable during the cold and snowy winters.

Wine Tasting Holiday

Wine Tasting Holiday in Canada

Canada is rated one of the top destinations in the world for a wine tasting holiday. The provinces of British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec are world renowned for their vineyards. Why not combine a visit to these wineries with a bike trip through the Appalachian Mountains of Quebec, a walking tour through the Niagara region of Ontario or participate in workshops at a winery in the Okanagan...... As long as you dont drink and drive, we're all happy! Enjoy the beautiful scenery of these areas while learning more about the wine making industry in Canada. These tours often combine wine with local cuisine and culinary stops along the tour. The Great Canadian Wine Experience awaits you!