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The Largest Channel Island

Cheap Flights to Jersey

Finding discount airline flights to Jersey is no easy task. To make this task simpler, we carry out a daily airfare search to provide you with the latest flight deals and special airfare offers for Jersey. Whether you are traveling for a weekend business trip, a short city break or a long relaxing holiday, you will find the cheapest Jersey flights. While we opt for the cheapest airfares, we also select sponsors and airlines that offer the most direct flight routes, ensuring your comfort at all times.

How to Find Flight Deals to Jersey

Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates!If you're inflexible with your dates you probably will not be able to take advantage of any of the pricing variations airlines use. Airfare prices always fluctuate depending on the day and time of the week. It is always cheaper to fly mid week than on a weekend for example, or late at night rather than during the day. It has also shown to be cheaper to fly out after major holidays than before. That week after Christmas is when you can take advantage of cheap flights because people don't prefer to fly when they are with their families and New Years Eve is around the corner. Oddly enough, flight prices drop a bit on Tuesday nights too.

Local Travel Info

Local Travel Info in Jersey

Internal Flights and Major International Airports in Jersey

There is only one major international airport in Jersey which connects Britain and Europe. Jersey Airport is located approximately 5 miles (8 kilometres) to the West of St Helier. As the Island is a compact 45 square miles (116 square kilometres) internal flights only exist for hopping between the other Channel Islands such as Guernsey and Sark.

Getting to and from the Airport at Jersey

Getting to and from the airport at Jersey is very straightforward. Outside the arrivals hall are taxi and bus ranks to the centre of St Helier. Into St Helier taxis cost approximately between £12 - £16 and bus fares are £1.50 an adult, child and student 50p. The number 15 bus service operates every 20 minutes Monday - Saturday (during peak times) and every 30 minutes on Sunday and takes approximately 30 minutes to the main bus station in St Helier called Liberation Station and is located just behind the Visitor Services Centre.

Renting Cars in Jersey

Jersey has over 350 linear miles (563 kms) of paved road to explore by car. Car hire in Jersey is easily arranged and very good value. Visitors must hold a valid driving licence with no endorsements for dangerous or drunken driving in the last 5 years. You must be aged 21 and over to rent a car in Jersey. Some restrictions may be imposed by the hire company's insurance agent in respect of the upper age limit. The maximum speed limit is 40 mph/64 kms. For Car Hire in Jersey expect to pay approx £15 - £20 per day but do watch out for bargains depending when you visit.

To book car rental in Jersey online, view our Car Hire section for Jersey. We offer Ok Alpha users the latest special offers and best rates available for car hire in Jersey. We advise you book your Jersey hire car in advance so you can pick it up and drop it off directly at the airport.

Drivers License Requirements in Jersey

In Jersey as in Britain, they drive on the left hand side. Do drive carefully as many of the roads are quite narrow and twist and turn between the fields and farms. The maximum speed limit throughout the entire Island is 40 mph/64 kms per hour. Visitors wishing to drive must possess a Certificate of Insurance or an International Green Card, a valid Driving Licence or International Driving Permit (UK International Driving Permits are not valid). Photocopies are not acceptable. A nationality plate must be displayed on the back of your vehicle. Note it is an offence to hold a mobile phone whilst driving a moving vehicle. Drivers and adult front seat passengers must wear seat belts. Children must wear seat belts or a suitable child/infant restraint, in both front and rear seats. Jersey has similar provisions to the UK, with regards to fixed alcohol limits and roadside breath testing. The penalties in Jersey are severe, up to £2,000 fine or 6 months in prison for the first offence plus unlimited disqualification of driving licence. It is an offence to drive whilst under the influence of drugs. If you are involved in an accident you must stop and phone the Police for the correct course of action. Failure to do so is an offence.




Jersey by Bus

It is easy to access all parts of the Island using the local bus service, whose routes radiate from the Weighbridge in St Helier. Tickets cost a flat rate of £1 or £1.50 depending on what time you travel. Island Explorer bus tickets giving you unlimited travel are available for 1, 3, and 5 days and most of the new fleet have easy access for wheelchair users. Prices vary whether you are an individual or family, for example a one day individual pass will cost £6 and a family will cost £14.

Jersey by Taxi

There are two types of taxis on the Island of Jersey, Controlled (Taxis) and Restricted (Cabs). The main difference between the two is that Controlled taxis have a yellow roof sign and a Restricted cab will have a white roof sign normally with the company name on and the words 'restricted'. Restricted Cabs provide door to door pick up. There are three fixed tariff rates depending on the time and the day that the cab is required. Public holidays are charged in accordance with the middle tariff. These rates are updated on an annual basis. There is no supplement or baggage charge. Rank taxi drivers take passengers from the taxi rank to their destination. Taxi ranks are adjacent to the arrivals building at the airport and just outside the arrivals building at the harbour. Taxi ranks can also be found at various locations throughout St Helier. There are four fixed tariff rates depending on the time and day that the taxi is required. Public holidays are charged in accordance with the third and fourth tariff, according to the time that the taxi is required. These rates are updated on an annual basis. Extra charges are made for waiting time and luggage not carried in the passenger compartment. It is advisable to always ask the taxi driver for a receipt in case of any complaints or queries you may have on a taxi fare as it can only be dealt with if a receipt exists. Note it is illegal for a child under the age of three to travel in a taxi without a proper designated child seat. New types of taxis such as the TX1s have in-built child seats in the middle of the reverse of the cabs. It is also possible if the parents prefer or there is more than one child, for a child to sit on the parents lap providing the parent is seated in the back of the cab, facing the rear.

Cycling in Jersey

Jersey’s unspoiled terrain and astounding array of flora and fauna make it an ideal destination for nature lovers. And the perfect way of taking in all the sights, sounds and smells is from the seat of a bicycle. Children must wear a helmet and adults are advised to wear one also. Remember, you need lights to ride at night, it is the law. Do not cycle on the beach, particularly if you have hired a bike. The sea and sand can damage your bicycle and you will lose your deposit if you do not comply. It is advisable to always lock your bike! Follow one of a number of cycle routes which are well sign posted and take in miles of 'Green Lanes', where pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders have priority over cars and motorists must slow to 15 miles an hour. Maps are available in tourist information centres and various other shop outlets. Bicycles can be hired from a number of locations in Jersey such as Zebra Hire on The Esplanade in St Helier. They cost anything from £8 to £20 per day depending on time of season and type of bike.