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The Capital Of Germany

Local Travel Info

Local Travel Info in Berlin

To and From Tegel
Berlin Tegel Airport is a convenient, city airport. It is easy to get into Berlin by public transport. There are several bus routes into the city. A taxi ride to central Berlin will cost about 15.00 - 20.00 EUR and take approx 20 minutes.

To and From Schönefeld
Schönefeld Airport is located approximately 18 km southeast of the city centre of Berlin. It is the old East Berlin Airport where most Charter Flight companies fly. The easier way to get into town is by Airport Express, which will get you to the Ku'damm in around 30 minutes. A Taxi ride will cost about 30.00 - 35.00 EUR.

Berlin by Bus
Berlin's integrated public transport system (known as the BVG) is the best way to get about. An interconnected three-zone system that only requires one ticket, allows you to hop from bus to underground (U-Bahn) to surface rail (S-Bahn) and tram with one ticket. Trams are fast and convenient and small ferries will get you across Berlin's lakes.

Berlin by Car
Driving in Berlin is a breeze compared to other capital cities in Europe, with its wide, long avenues and main roads and very civilised traffic. Since January 2008 vehicles with extremely high emissions of noxious substances are banned from the inner city. The environmental zone is the area within the suburban rail ring.

Hitchhiking in Berlin
Even though it is not a particular dangerous city hitchhiking in Berlin is not recommended.