Rhodes: All Inclusive

(Ro-dos in Greek)

Backpacking in Rhodes

Although it caters primarily for those on beach holidays, backpacking holidays in Rhodes remain popular thanks to the island's relatively cheap accommodation and acres of land to be explored. Rhodes has numerous beautiful beaches and mountainous places to walk as well as plenty of areas to enjoy cheap food. The majority of Rhodes hostels offer a relaxed and sociable atmosphere with minimal rules, no curfew and no membership required. Rhodes is also just a short trip away from a number of other Greek islands and is thus a good base for anyone on Rhodes backpacking holidays looking to explore further afield. Those on Rhodes backpacking holidays can find buses networked across the entire island with the main terminal located on Eleftherias Square in Rhodes town.

Beach in Rhodes

If its sun, sea and sand you are looking for then Rhodes is the perfect destination for you. Those on beach holidays in Rhodes enjoy 300 days of sunshine a year and have ample choice when it comes to picking a spot to put their towel down. Faliraki is one of the most popular resorts on the island for those on beach holidays in Rhodes with its golden sands that extend over 4km. It also offers sun beds, umbrellas, water sports, pubs, restaurants and beach bars.

For those looking for a more serene Rhodes beach holiday, Anthony Quin Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The bay is named after the two-time Academy Award-winning actor because he bought this part of the island when filming The Guns of Navarone there. Be warned though, the beach is small and you may have to wait a while for a lounger if you get there too late in the day. The beaches south of Lindos are far less developed with Glystra, Pefki and Gennadi all coming highly recommended. They have less facilities for tourists although every year they are increasing in popularity among summer visitors.

Those looking to take part in water sports on their beach holiday in Rhodes may want to head to Prassonissi, at the south-western tip of the island, which is particularly popular with windsurfers. Most beaches on Rhodes have been awarded the prestigious EU blue flag - an environmental award which is received by beaches which are kept clean and are environmentally-friendly. Naturists be warned, nude bathing is illegal on some beaches and can be very offensive to more traditional Greeks, particularly if you are close to a church. Topless sunbathing is more acceptable but be discreet.

Camping in Rhodes

There are no organised campsites on Rhodes and camping in the wild or on the beaches is illegal.

City Breaks in Rhodes

Rhodes has some stunning architecture and historic sights so many tourists take a couple of days out from the beach to enjoy city breaks in Rhodes. A must see for those enjoying Rhodes city breaks is the Old Town - the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe. The perfectly preserved area is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with must-see attractions including the Palace of the Grand Master and its fascinating museum. The best time to walk around the Old Town is early in the morning, before the crowds descend upon it, allowing visitors on city breaks in Rhodes to get real feel of what life might have been like during the 13th and the 14th centuries. Lindos town is also worth exploring for those on city breaks in Rhodes with its wealth of bars, restaurants, novelty shops, creperies, linen stalls and souvenirs stores. Enjoy weaving in and out of the quaint narrow streets in this picturesque town which is even more appealing as cars are banned.

Culture and Arts in Rhodes

Many tourists enjoy a culture and arts holiday in Rhodes each year with the island's magnificent history and traditions difficult to ignore. For those interested in art, a trip to the Municipal Gallery of Rhodes is a must. Here visitors on culture and arts holidays in Rhodes will enjoy one of the most significant collections of Modern Greek paintings in the world. Also worth a trip is the Nestoridion Melathron - the Museum of Modern Greek Art.

Its permanent collection includes an extensive number of paintings and prints, along with smaller number of sculptures, drawings and valuable documents by the most renowned Greek artists. For history enthusiasts on Rhodes culture and arts holidays the archaeological museum comes highly recommended. It is housed in the Hospital of the Kings, one of the most important buildings during the rule of the Knights, and consists of a large interior courtyard surrounded by a two-storey colonnade. Also of interest is the Jewish Museum of Rhodes which was founded in 1977 and can be located in the Old Jewish Quarter of the town.

Cruises in Rhodes

Many people who visit Rhodes enjoy cruises to other nearby islands as part of their trip. One-day cruises in Rhodes are particularly popular with those wanting to visit nearby Symi Island or even Marmaris in Turkey. Cruises in Rhodes are also available for those looking to explore other parts of the island with boats to Lindos departing from both Faliraki beach and Rhodes town. At Lindos, tourists can enjoy a relaxing cruise along the magnificent coastline, with tour operators usually stopping off near the town to allow guests to shop and soak up the sun. Many tour companies also offer seven day cruises through the Greek Islands of Rhodes, Simi, Kos, Kalymnos, Patmos, Samos and Kusadasi as well as Ephesus in Turkey.

Disabled Needs in Rhodes

Rhodes is a relatively accessible island for disabled people and the majority of hotels have facilities for tourists who use wheelchairs including ramps, wheel-in showers, shower seats and grab rails. There are also a number of tours which cater specifically for those with physical limitations or with a dislike to extensive climbing and walking. Be warned, however, at Rhodes Airport the facilities for disabled travellers are basic although there are toilets for wheelchair users. People who need assistance are advised to let their airline know before they travel.

Family Holiday in Rhodes

The Greek culture is very family orientated and the island of Rhodes is particularly welcoming towards children. With its extensive beaches, sunny climate and wealth of activities, family holidays in Rhodes are highly recommended. Some of the island's resorts offer daytime activities for kids to allow parents to relax while the major beaches have plenty of water sports to keep older children entertained. Faliraki's main beach is fine for kids as the water is safe and shallow, however some people might consider the resort too noisy and chaotic for children.

Faliraki Water Park is another great spot for those enjoying Rhodes family holidays with its vast complex of pools, giant jacuzzi and slides. The resort of Faliraki also has a fun fair and go-kart track which are both great for keeping teenagers entertained. Also recommended for those with youngsters is the fascinating Rhodes Aqaurium which is part of the part of the island's Hydrobiological Station. Those on family holidays in Rhodes are advised to avoid Faliraki after 11pm to avoid the large groups of often drunk and sometime aggressive young people spilling put of clubs and bars.

Gay and Lesbian in Rhodes

Most of the local community in Rhodes is religious and conservative but tolerant of tourists whatever their sexual preferences. The island is certainly not the main gay destination in Greece, so the scene is not big but gay and lesbian holidays in Rhodes can still be enjoyable. The nudist part of Faliraki beach is popular with gay men and boasts a bar where you can enjoy good food, cool drinks and a relaxed atmosphere. The only officially gay bar on the island is Berlin Bar in Rhodes town which is mostly frequented by gay men but more recently women too. As Rhodes is mainly a tourist destination, most venues and hotels are very friendly to all foreign visitors, regardless of origin or preferences.

Hen Destination in Rhodes

The Greek islands are a fun destination and a hen party in Rhodes is certainly worth considering. As well as plenty of sunshine and bars the area has a wealth of attractions and activities which can be enjoyed by those on hen parties in Rhodes. However, keep in mind that flights to Greece aren't particularly cheap so of you are planning a hen party in Rhodes it is recommended that you stay at least a week.

Rhodes is also a popular wedding destination so many brides choose to include their hen party in the week of their wedding. Rhodes has endless nightspots which are ideal for such occasions as well as numerous party boats. If it's a bit of pampering you're after try out the fabulous Hammam spa in the heart of the Old Town. This massive Turkish bath is a relic from the Ottoman empire and boasts impressive steam rooms and plunge pools. Those enjoying hen parties in Rhodes can head to the spa to simply sit and relax, or have a massage. Open all year, entry to the spa costs just two euros, although towels are not provided.

Stag Destination in Rhodes

Every year, grooms-to-be opt to hold their stag party in Rhodes thanks to its welcoming local people and party vibe. There are a great number of activities to cater for large groups of lads looking for fun in the sun. Water sports are particularly popular among those on a stag party in Rhodes with most of the major beaches offering pedal boats, water skiing, jet skiing and wind surfing. On land there is also plenty to entertain with go-karts, golf and of course, the fabulous nightlife.

There are plenty of tour operators in Rhodes who can help organise your stag party and advise on the best foam parties, pool parties, bars, clubs and restaurants for your group. Faliraki is the most popular nightspot for Rhodes stag parties although keep in mind that the local police are intolerant of rowdy or aggressive behaviour.

Honeymoon in Rhodes

Move away from the somewhat chaotic resort of Faliraki and you will find that Rhodes is in fact a hugely romantic destination. Honeymoons in Rhodes come highly recommended with plenty of luxury hotels and romantic restaurants on offer. Perhaps the most appealing part of town for those on their honeymoon in Rhodes is the beautiful Old Town. The picturesque medieval hub is ideal for couples who have recently ties the knot and is home to some high quality traditional Greek restaurants.

For newlywed brides there are plenty of places to get pampered as well as large expanses of beach to work on that tan. Couples planning a Rhodes honeymoon are also advised to take a trip to the town of Lindos where they can sip cocktails in fancy bars or take a romantic stroll through the ancient cobbled streets. Another must-visit for newlyweds is Petaloudes or the Valley of the Butterflies although sadly the butterfly numbers are decreasing rapidly due to man-made noise.

Naturism in Rhodes

Naturism holidays in Rhodes are not recommended as many of the more traditional locals take offence at such activities. While topless bathing is generally accepted on most beaches, full nudity is less common. The only official nudist beach for those on Rhodes naturism holidays is in Faliraki at the southern end of the town, around 3km from the centre. The beach is signposted FKK Strand - Nudist Beach and can be found by following the road to its end, then making a right past the Muses Hotel. A gravel road then leads all the way down to beach, which has some limited parking at beach level and more spaces towards the top of the hill. The beach appears to be well supervised and relatively clean although there have been some complains of inappropriate behaviour in the past. The beach is particularly popular with gay couples.

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Rhodes

Many travellers head to Rhodes to take advantage of its party vibe with the majority of these hedonistic revellers flocking to the bar-filled streets of Faliraki. This resort is by far the most appropriate location for those looking for party holiday in Rhodes although has, over the years, gained a reputation for aggressive drunken behaviour and even violence. A few years ago, the resort opened its own police station, staffed by 20 officers, in a bid to rid the area of drunken, mainly British troublemakers and rowdy pub crawls organised by tour operators.

When it comes to places to party in Faliraki you will be spoilt for choice with some of the most popular including The Loft located right in the middle of Club Street and Jamaica Bar on Faliraki High Street. The resort, which is situated on Faliraki Bay, is around 14km south of Rhodes town and around 10km south-east of the airport. Those who want to enjoy a party holiday in Rhodes but want to steer clear of the bright lights of Faliraki can still let their hair down in fabulous Rhodes town. Bar Street has plenty of places to party and a more chilled vibe than that of Faliraki. In Lindos too there are a number of bars and clubs that remain open until the early hours of the morning but the noise levels are controlled so there are none of the excesses of Faliraki.

Golf Activity Holiday in Rhodes

Although there is an 18 hole course on the island, golf holidays in Rhodes are not hugely popular. There are many other locations in Greece which are better suited to this type of holiday although there are opportunities on the island to play the sport. Golf enthusiasts can try out the Afandou Gold Course - one of five international standard golf courses in Greece.

Sailing Activity Holiday in Rhodes

Rhodes sailing holidays are ideal for those who want to explore other Greek island during their trip. Many tour operators organise sailing trips from Rhodes to other islands including Astypalea, Leros, Lipsi, Nisyros, Kalymnos, Karpathos, Kastellorizo, Kos, Patmos and Tilos. Rhodes is also a short boat trip away from the Turkish coast.

As well as it more famous landmarks, Rhodes has plenty more to impress sailing enthusiasts with picturesque coastal villages which despite the island's heavy influx of tourists have largely managed to retain their authentic appeal. From June to September those on Rhodes sailing holidays will be driven by Meltemi - the prevailing wind which starts to blow in mid-June, grows stronger from the end of July to early September and fades in October. The Dodecanese islands, which include Rhodes, are a sailor's dream, made up of more than 163 islands and islets each of which is home to beautiful beaches and bays.

Couples Holiday in Rhodes

The ancient coastal town of Lindos is probably the best place stay when on a couples holiday in Rhodes. Located around 60km south of the airport in the middle of the east coast it oozes romance thanks to its traditional whitewashed houses and historic sites of interest. The resort is also home to many small shops, bars and restaurants and the village centre is thankfully pedestrianised.

For couples who enjoy relaxing in the sunshine, Lindos has two beaches and the main one in Lindos Bay is widely regarded as the best on the island. Temperatures remain high in Lindos thanks to its surrounding hills. Those looking to enjoy a Rhodes couples holiday are advised to steer clear of tourist resort of Faliraki which is generally the preserve of large groups of young tourists looking to party the night away. A visit to Kresmati is also recommended for those on a couples holiday in Rhodes as the area has not been as commercially developed as some of the neighbouring resorts and is thus a great spot for a romantic stroll.

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Rhodes

The island's crystal clear seas provide the perfect backdrop for scuba diving holidays in Rhodes. There are many places where beginners can learn to scuba dive in Rhodes as well as dive sites suitable for those who are more advanced. Until very recently, the only licensed place to scuba dive on the island was the bay of Kallithea, a tranquil beach with a network of underwater caves and reefs just waiting to be explored. Those on scuba diving holidays in Rhodes can also sometimes spot the usually shy octopus which breed there from May to September. Waterhoppers Diving School was established in 1978 and offers courses for beginners, advanced scuba divers and even instructors.

The Dive Med College in Mandraki Harbour, Rhodes town, is also worth contacting for those on scuba diving holidays in Rhodes. Be warned, however, those on Rhodes scuba diving holidays should not remove anything from the sea-bed or take any objects to the surface as a souvenir. The authorities are extremely strict about avoiding this kind of activity and there are severe controls to avoid any infringement.

Hiking Activity Holiday in Rhodes

Rhodes is often referred to as the walker's island as it is the largest of the Dodecanese group. Its size makes it ideal for those considering hiking holidays in Rhodes as there is scope for numerous different routes to suit various types of walker. As well as the mountains, hikers also enjoy strolling through the historical areas and places of natural beauty as well as the wine district and coastline. Those looking for ideas for walking routes can contact Walking Rhodes, a British company which specialises in organising hiking holidays in Rhodes.

They can offer a variety of hiking trips which range in difficulty levels from relaxed to severe. Those who are planning on booking hiking holidays in Rhodes may want to opt for a time of year when the temperature is lower and always go prepared with hats, appropriate footwear and sun screen.

Cycling Activity Holiday in Rhodes

Despite the blazing heat Rhodes can be a great destination for cyclists thanks to its varied landscape and well-build roads. Whether you are a mountain bike fanatic or prefer the less strenuous road bike Rhodes has something to offer everyone. However, cycling holidays in Rhodes are recommended during the cooler months, particularly for those who are not used to the intense heat of the Greek summer. Rhodes cycling holidays are organised by a number of tour companies and usually include accommodation and airport transfers.

Cycling is a popular sport in Rhodes, even among local people. Indeed, the only velodrome prior to the Athens Olympic Games in 2004, was located in Rhodes and had been since 1920. Currently four cycling clubs exist on the island which are all members of the Local Cycling Association – a group supported by Greece's National Cycling Federation. National and International Cycling events are regularly organised in the island of Rhodes including the world famous International Cycling Tour of Rhodes.

Shopping Holiday in Rhodes

There are a number of great places to head to purchase goods in Rhodes, although the island is not particularly renowned as a shopping destination. Surprisingly for an island with so much sunshine, Rhodes is famous for manufacturing umbrellas, with thousands on offer in all colours and sizes in stores across the island. If its souvenirs you are after then Lindos is a must. The ancient town is heaving with tourist shops packed with jewellery, linen and, more famously, sponges. Ceramics are also popular with tourists travelling to Rhodes and those driving on the island will notice many roadside shops selling beautifully designed dishes and vases.

If it's designer labels you're after then Rhodes town has the best shopping on the island as well as a plentiful supply of supermarkets. Within the walls of the old town's Turkish quarter is Sokratous Street where you will find luxury goods, fashion boutiques and jewellers. In the main towns, many of the shops are open until late into the night.

Well-being and Spa in Rhodes

Since ancient times the Greeks have been big fans of a bit of pampering and modern-day Rhodes is no exception. The island is a great spot for those looking to rejuvenate with the crystal clear water, beautiful sunshine and delicious food making it virtually impossible to leave Rhodes without feeling refreshed. Those considering a wellbeing and spa holiday in Rhodes would to well to check out Hammam in Rhodes Old Town and authentic Turkish bath which offers treatments such as massages and facials. The spa is an ideal place to relax and unwind after a day of trawling the shops of sightseeing. People booking wellbeing and spa holiday in Rhodes are advised to avoid the busier parts of the island and in particular Faliraki which is better suited for those wanting a more energetic trip.

Many of the more luxurious resorts on the island of Rhodes also offer relaxation facilities for their guests such as steam rooms, saunas and Jacuzzis, ideal for those looking to go on a wellbeing and spa holiday in Rhodes. One of the more popular is the Maris Resort & Spa near Kiotari beach on the south-east coast of Rhodes.

Touring - Driving holiday in Rhodes

The island of Rhodes is searingly hot for much of the year so while travelling short distances by car is recommended, driving holidays in Rhodes are uncommon. While most of the island's road network is accessible and well-built, some of its smaller roads are more like dirt tracks particularly as you head towards the coast However, it must be said that some of the most beautiful sites on the island can be seen on driving holidays in Rhodes with mountain villages such as Embonas, Monolithos, Agios Isidoros, Mesanagros, and Psinthos all hidden away and almost impossible to access without a car. Some of these boast old castles, churches and beautiful buildings and you can also stop here to taste local dishes in small traditional Greek restaurants.

Wine Tasting Holiday in Rhodes

Rhodes enjoys a climate quite favorable for wine grapes with whites coming from the Athiri grapes and reds from Mandilariá (known locally as Amorgianó). Sweet wines made from Moschato Aspro and Trani Muscat grapes are also available. Wine tasting holidays in Rhodes are enjoyable although there is nowhere near the choice of other European wine-producing regions such as Italy and France. One village where wine tasting holidays in Rhodes are particularly popular is Embonas where most of the local residents work in either oil or wine production.

In the mornings, the Emery wine plant welcomes numerous visitors who fancy a tipple to start their day. A number of tour companies also offer wine tasting trips as part of a more general tour of the island of Rhodes.