Miami: All Inclusive

Alligators, mosquitos, hurricanes, funky people and a vivacious nightlife


Backpacking in Miami

A backpacking holiday in Miami gives you the perfect way to experience the diverse culture of Miami whilst holding onto your purse strings. With loads of interesting places to stay, multi-cultural experiences, fantastic beaches and great places to eat and chill out on a budget, you can easily find your backpacking holiday in Miami gives you far more than just value for money.

In terms of places to stay, there are numerous low cost hostels and basic private rooms with accommodation within the price range for backpackers. Neighbourhoods like Little Havana and Little Haiti are chock-full of charm and Latin American influence and will make your backpacking holiday in Miami an unforgettable experience. Or, if you want a backpacking holiday in Miami that’s a little closer to the world-renowned beaches, you’ll easily find hostels and hotels with basic private rooms to suit your budget if you just look a few blocks back from the beaches themselves. In high season, expect to pay from around €10-15 for basic hostel accommodation with dorm beds, or from €30 for low-end, clean private rooms.

For places to eat on a backpacking budget whilst on holiday in Miami, there’s no shortage of down-to-earth Cuban bodegas offering hearty food at great prices. You’ll also find delicious, cheap Mexican fare in Little Havana, inexpensive deli delights at Miami Beach’s Epicure Market, and bargain prices in many of Downtown Miami’s eateries (although Downtown Miami tends to cater for the nine to five market and food outlets are rarely open on Sundays). All in all, you certainly won’t go hungry on a backpacking holiday in Miami!

If you’re after cultural experiences on your backpacking holiday to Miami, it’s worth checking out the free Miami New Times and the Miami Herald’s “Friday Weekend” supplement for entertainment listings. As a more general idea for things to do on a backpacking budget, wandering around the Art Deco District is unmissable, with its stunning collection of over 800 buildings. You could also take in the Cuban tabaqueos hand-rolling cigars in Little Havana or just sit and watch the beautiful people as they throng the sands of South Beach.


Beach in Miami

With its hot summers and warm winters, and long stretches of golden sand, a beach holiday in Miami will give you a perfect vacation experience. There’s something for everyone – whatever your ideal beach holiday in Miami.

Epitomising the total glitz of Miami, Lummus Park on South Beach is a glorious stretch of sand where toned and bronzed bodies line up to catch some of Florida’s famous sunshine. If glamour is what you’re looking for from your beach holiday in Miami it’s easy to find here – it’s where the beautiful people come to top up their tans, rollerblade play volleyball and, of course, to be seen. Between 5th and 11th Streets, it’s also one of the few places where women can go topless on a beach holiday in Miami.

If surfing is more what you’re after from your beach holiday in Miami, try South Pointe Park Beach, whose northern part is popular with surfers. Or, it makes the ideal place to just sit back and take it easy, watching cruise ships coming in and out of the Port of Miami.

A little further afield, Haulover Park Beach’s dune-backed sands lie along the east of the park and are out of sight of most high rise developments, giving you a little more seclusion on your beach holiday in Miami. To the north of Haulover Park you’ll also find the only nude beach in the county, part of it gay.

Or, for its 1950s tourist resort kitsch, Sunny Isles Beach can make a great place to go on your Miami beach holiday, particularly if you’re a fan of American Retro. It’s popular with surfers, as well as lots of older tourists taking a break on their beach holiday in Miami.


Camping in Miami

Sleeping under the stars on a camping holiday in Miami is an exhilarating experience. You’ll find that people more often stay in mobile homes or RVs when camping in Miami, but RV parks will also have the space for you to put up a tent – and you can often rent out a cabin in one too.

Miami has a great campsite, set in a wooded, green county park. Here, you can really make the most of your camping holiday in Miami, enjoying the well-kept facilities, or exploring the trails and lake. There’s even the Metrozoo on your doorstep. A tent site here should cost you around €5 – 10 on your camping holiday.

A little further out in Homestead, you’ll find a more luxurious camping holiday in Miami where you can take the plunge in a hot tub or go for a swim before settling down for the night. Expect to pay around €18 for a tent site if you want to take your camping holiday in Miami here.

City Breaks

City Breaks in Miami

Downtown Miami, with its futuristic skyscrapers and neon lights, is a vibrant and exhilarating place to go for your city break in Miami. You can really feel the Hispanic influence on the streets here and you certainly won't be short of cultural activities. Plus, it's a great place to take in Miami's metropolitan nightlife and excellent shopping opportunities and make the most of your city break.

For cultural experiences, make sure you check out the Mediterranean-style Metro-Dade Cultural Center on your city break in Miami. It includes the Miami Art Museum, specialising in international contemporary art, and the Historical Museum of Southern Florida which has a great series of exhibits looking at 10,000 years of Florida's history. And, no city break in Miami would be complete without a visit to the Latin American Art Museum, which showcases contemporary Latin American artists and really gives you a flavour of the cultural mix that is Miami.

If shopping is an important part of your city break in Miami, then don't miss the Bayside Marketplace - a funky shopping, entertainment and dining centre where you'll also be able to hop on a boat trip around Biscayne Bay to take in the sights.

What's more, you're never a million miles away from one of Miami's famous beaches, so a city break in Miami can really give you the best of both worlds.


Cruises in Miami

One of the largest ports in the USA, the Port of Miami has long been known as the cruise capital of the world and literally millions of people choose to start their relaxing cruise holiday in Miami, often extending the holiday into Greater Miami before or after their cruise.

Passengers wanting to start their cruise holiday in Miami can choose cruises of varying length – from just a few days to several weeks. The choice of where to go on a cruise holiday from Miami is also varied, with many fascinating and exciting itineraries. You’ll find short haul cruise holidays calling at popular ports in the Bahamas and the Caribbean from Miami, as well as longer cruises where the your holiday will start in Miami and take you cruising to exciting destinations in Latin America, Europe or the Far East.

And, a cruise holiday in Miami needn’t be expensive. There are many affordable Miami cruise lines, offering you the opportunity to hop aboard their luxurious floating palaces and explore the neighbouring exotic shores. Or, of course, you can always charter a private yacht with its own dedicated crew if you’re feeling like a more decadent, personalised Miami cruise holiday.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts in Miami

Miami’s culture and arts scene is truly thriving, and on any holiday to Miami you’ll easily find things to see and do that will leave you wide-eyed. The city is a cultural magnet: Miami throngs with internationally renowned art shows, prestigious museums, vital theatre and acclaimed dance companies, and you’re never more than minutes away from something exciting on the Miami culture and arts arena.

If a wide ranging musical experience is what you’re after, expect a dazzling array from your Miami holiday - from grand opera to outstanding contemporary performances from the world’s biggest musical stars, Miami’s investment in the musical arts will leave you breathless.

The cultural and art museums and exhibitions in Miami also won’t disappoint. You’ll find museums housing everything from historical to contemporary cultural treasures when on holiday in Miami, drawn from a diversity of travelling exhibitions to private collections. Miami also has a thriving artist’s scene, so make sure you check out Miami’s multitude of art galleries and alternative spaces on your holiday.

Disabled Needs

Disabled Needs in Miami

Generally speaking, Miami is well set up for disabled holiday makers. You’ll find a reasonable amount of holiday hotels offering disabled visitors to Miami easily accessible rooms, with wide doors and plenty of room to move around the beds. There are places offering accommodation with raised toilets and grab bars, as well as walk in showers to help make your holiday more convenient if you’re a disabled visitor to Miami.

In terms of things to do for disabled travellers on holiday in Miami, check out the Shake a Leg Watersports Centre, which offers a universally accessible water sports programme. Haulover Beach also has a place where you can hire beach wheelchairs on your holiday in Miami. If you are planning to go to the city, check out the Center of Independent Living of South Florida, which is based in Miami, for more information on how to make the most of your holiday in Miami if you’re disabled.

Miami also hosts the “No Barriers Festival” in June, which is dedicated to showcasing innovative ways for disabled people to live active lives and break down barriers. There are stimulating activities to try out if you’re disabled on holiday in Miami – like sailing, scuba diving and rock-climbing, as well as discussions on the latest disables prosthetics and equipment. Disabled visitors to Miami should contact the Shake a Leg Watersports Centre for more information.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Miami

Families going on holiday in Miami with kids will certainly not be disappointed. Voted as one of the Top 10 Cities for Families by America’s Child Magazine, Greater Miami has a host of family-friendly beaches, restaurants, fun children’s events and much more that will leave your family wanting to return year-after year on holiday to Miami.

And there’s a lot more for your family to do on holiday that hit Miami’s famous beaches, although these are excellent if you have the kids in tow. With an increasing number of families holidaying in Miami, many of the restaurants cater well for children – with children’s menus offering fun choices for toddlers and teens alike.

There are also any number of festivals, special events and fairs in Miami that the whole family will enjoy on holiday – such as the Miami-Dade Country Fair or the super family-friendly Junior Orange Bowl Parade. In fact, there’s so much for your family to do on holiday in Miami, that you might find you don’t even have time to get to the beach at all.

Gay and Lesbian

Gay and Lesbian in Miami

With all its cosmopolitan flair, cultural mix and thriving culture and nightlife one of the world’s hottest spots for gay and lesbian holidays is Miami with all its cosmopolitan flair, diversity and thriving culture and nightlife. There are unparalleled opportunities for the gay and lesbian traveller in Miami and you’ll find a heady cocktail of clubbing, recreation, nightlife, culture, and of course, the beach just waiting for you.

The gay and lesbian friendly neighbourhoods on Miami’s Upper East Side make a great base for your holiday, winding along the shores of Biscayne Bay. For beaches, South Beach is Miami’s gay and lesbian haven, and there’s also a gay section at Haulover Park Beach. You’ll find the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of South Florida in Miami’s very gay Wilton Manors - with a vast library of gay and lesbian literature, full holiday listings for special events, and lots of opportunities for social interaction to help you make the most of your break in Miami. With so much to offer, it’s not hard to see why a lot of people call Greater Miami the Gay Riviera – perhaps you’ll join them in that thought when you come on holiday here.

Hen Destination

Hen Destination in Miami

Miami makes a fabulous destination for a hen holiday. There are loads of places to go if you’re looking for a few wild hen-nights out in Miami’s many bars and nightclubs, plus many things to do to keep the hen holiday in Miami going during the day. Make sure you check out Miami’s beaches for a bit of much-needed day-time recuperation, or the hen party can take some time-out in one of Miami’s many great shopping destinations, where you’ll also find many beauty salons and parlours if your hen group are after a bit of pampering whilst on holiday in Miami.

Stag Destination

Stag Destination in Miami

For a stag night to remember, Miami makes a great destination. More commonly known in America as bachelor parties, Miami has everything to offer you for a memorable stag holiday. There’re plenty of destinations to go in Miami if you’re looking for a traditional stag do – with a host of Miami nightclubs that are perfect for a wild night or two, and the opportunity for the stag group to recuperate on one of Miami’s many beaches the following day.

There are also many alternative things to do in Miami for a stag group that are looking for some less boisterous destinations. Check out Miami’s great range of sporting attractions if you want something that the entire stag group are sure to enjoy on their Miami holiday. Or, one of Miami’s great casinos could be a perfect destination for your stag party, if you’re feeling like throwing some cash around along with the fun.


Honeymoon in Miami

Honeymoon holidays in Miami are taken by thousands of newlyweds every year, and it’s not hard to see why. With its subtropical climate, amazing hotel honeymoon suites, stunning beaches and vibrant culture, Miami will give you a honeymoon holiday that’s the perfect start to your life together.

Honeymooners will undoubtedly find Miami’s beaches one of the beautiful highlights to their holiday. And there are numerous other fantastic places to create some precious honeymoon memories together in Miami. Miami’s Vizcaya Museums and Gardens are very popular with honeymooners on holiday, as are the Oleta River State Recreation Park, the Bayfront Park and the Bass Museum of Art. And of course, with Miami’s vital street life, many couples on honeymoon find they just find spend hours wandering the streets together and soaking up the atmosphere of Miami on holiday.

There are also find many exclusive hotels that cater for your every need whilst on honeymoon in Miami, with intimate honeymoon suites and attentive service. The upmarket Loews Miami Beach Hotel is a great option for a honeymoon holiday, with really beautiful suites and a fabulous pool. Or, check out the honeymoon rooms in Miami’s Vincci South Beach Hotel – which has intimate honeymoon suites and all the best amenities that a couple could need.


Naturism in Miami

Naturists on holiday in Miami can visit the north end of Haulover Beach, which has a designated naturist (clothing-optional) area. This is supported by the Florida Naturism Association.

This Miami beach has an Ambassador Program, made up of naturist volunteers, who ensure that it provides a family-orientated, safe environment for naturists holidaying in Miami. These Naturist Ambassadors wear coloured hats for easy identification on the nude section of Miami’s Haulover Park beach. It’s estimated that around 66 – 85% of visitors to Miami’s Haulover Park use the naturist area when on holiday.

Party Holiday - Singles Life

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Miami

Miami has everything you need for a great party holiday - fabulous beaches, laid-back lifestyle, a nightclub scene where Miami parties until the early hours, and of course, the hundreds of beautiful people who throng the streets and shores looking for a fun holiday.  It all makes Miami the perfect spot for a party holiday where you're sure to meet singles of any sexual preference and age.

As well as the usual nightspots and bars where you can party, Miami offers a huge range of other things to do if you're looking for a great way to party on a singles holiday.  Whether you fancy practicing your Spanish, learning to salsa, or even having a hot Latino romance, Miami gives singles the opportunity to party and experience it all on holiday.

Couples Holiday

Couples Holiday in Miami

Couples planning a holiday in Miami will soon find that romance isn’t just the stuff you’ve seen on the movie screen – Miami makes the perfect setting for romantic moments that any couple will savour. With intimate dining, boutique hotels and historic attractions, Miami really does have everything that a couple could want on holiday.

Couples certainly won’t regret their holiday in Miami. Just imagine taking a romantic moonlit stroll as the waves crash on the shores of Miami’s ocean, or staying to watch the sun rise along Miami’s golden sands. His and hers spa treatments are available for couples in Miami, and of course there are numerous places to enjoy a romantic Floribbean meal washed down with champagne, couple’s cruises along Miami’s Biscayne Bay, and a hundred places to make an intimate rendezvous against Miami’s stunning backdrop.

Golf Activity Holiday

Golf Activity Holiday in Miami

Whether you want to play or just watch, Miami offers everything for a golfer on holiday. Greater Miami is deservedly a top golfing holiday destination, with challenging golf courses set against a stunning vista of palm trees and golden sands.

Some of Miami’s golf courses have been rated at the top 10 courses by America’s Golfweek magazine, so it’s not surprising that Miami is home to a huge number of professional golf tournaments. The World Golf Championship, the CA Championship, is hosted by Greater Miami and the Beaches, and features the top 50 players taken from the official World Golf Ranking. So, if you’re after some top golfing on holiday, you’re sure to find it in Miami. And, if you want to play golf as well as watch the pros, it’s definitely worth holidaying at one of Miami’s excellent golfing resorts – such as the Doral Golf Resort and Spar or the Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort & Club – when you come to plan your break.

Sailing Activity Holiday

Sailing Activity Holiday in Miami

If you’re after a great sailing experience in Miami, there are a number of Miami sailing companies that can offer you truly memorable sailing excursions. Shake a Leg Miami has a number of courses for sailing holidaymakers – including moonlight sails and powerboat training.

Or, you could take up the chance to sail on the largest US Coast Guard certified catamaran through Flyer Catamaran Excursions. What’s sure is that your sailing holiday in Miami is one you’ll never forget – with evening, sunset and day cruises and sailing around Miami, Biscayne Bay and South Beach giving you the chance to sail Miami’s gorgeous stretch of the ocean along stunning scenic routes.

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Miami

Scuba divers coming on holiday to Miami will find one of the world’s largest collections of diveable wreaks just offshore, created as part of a government programme to enrich the undersea habitat. This offers some exciting opportunities for both novice and expert scuba divers in Miami. You’ll find many tips taking you to one of 50 diveable sights, located roughly 45 minutes out of Miami.

Miami has artificial reefs and dive sights where scuba divers can see shoals of tropical fish, stingrays and turtles, thronging around disused oil platforms and wreaked cargo ships. The best dive sights for scuba diving in Miami are around Haulover, Government Cut and Key Biscayne.

Cycling Activity Holiday

Cycling Activity Holiday in Miami

Although it’s incredibly flat, Miami doesn’t make for the best cycling holiday destination. Cycling is a great option on holiday in Miami’s South Beach as well as Key Biscayne and most of the Miami Beach neighbourhoods, but elsewhere you’ll find a lot of routes are dangerous for cycling, with traffic jams and fast-moving thoroughfares. You’re also only allowed bicycles on specific Metrorail routes in Miami, so bear this in mind if you want to cycle on holiday here.

Shopping Holiday

Shopping Holiday in Miami

For holidaymakers with a love of all things retail, Miami’s shopping opportunities are sure to hit the spot. Miami has a great mix of upmarket boutiques and shopping enclaves and has an amazing choice of shopping for anyone browsing through on holiday.

You’ll find shops in Miami to cater for whatever you want to buy on holiday whether you’re after high-fashion or vintage clothes, funky kitsch or chi-chi designer accessories, furnishing, art and more the shops in Miami have it all. Look out for Miami’s Bal Harbour Shops for designer holiday purchases, the Miami Bayside Marketplace for a fun-filled shopping experience, or the Aventura Mall with its international retailers and well-known retailers if a bit of shopping and retail therapy is what you’re after from your Miami holiday.

Well-being and Spa

Well-being and Spa in Miami

Miami has a number of spas that make a great place for a well-being and spa holiday. You’ll find many upmarket resorts that offer unique accommodation – with extensive, well-planned grounds, great locations and luxurious rooms for a truly relaxing spa break. There are many luxurious options, with fabulous swimming pools, and spa treatments, high levels of personal service. All in all, a well-being and spa holiday in Miami will leave you feeling relaxed and papered, with your worries washed away.

Winter Sun

Winter Sun in Miami

Miami is a top spot for a winter sun holiday, with thousands of holidaymakers flocking to Miami between November and April to enjoy its warmer winter climate.

Locals even have a name for all the people who come on a winter sun holiday to Miami they call the people running south to escape the cold weather “snowbirds”. Weather conditions are ideal during the winter months in Miami, with temperatures averaging between 16°C and 30°C, and low average rainfall. One thing to bear in mind though is that temperatures during the night can sometimes feel a little chilly, so make sure you pack a few jumpers along with your swimwear if your holiday suitcase is bound for some winter sun in Miami.