Hawaii: All Inclusive

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Beach in Hawaii

Every Hawaiian Isle is home to its own special beach that visitors and locals come to love as the personality of that island. Oahu’s world famous Waikiki Beach is known as the birthplace of surfing. Here visitors on a beach holiday are treated to a stretch of sand and waterfront made famous by many films, television, and photographs.

Travellers are encouraged to take part in many of the activities on the beach such as sunning, enjoying the warm waters, volleyball, taking a ride on an outrigger canoe, and most of all a surfing lesson. Spending your beach holiday on Molokai will let you leisurely explore Hawaii’s largest stretch of white sand beach at Papohaku Beach. And if you’re on the Big Island, it’s a must that you see black sand beach so named for the volcanic sand on its shores.


Camping in Hawaii

There are many camp sites and campgrounds throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Each island is full of natural wonders, state and national parks, and acres of beaches and countryside. Depending on the island you are visiting, camping should be planned well in advance to ensure your accommodations are set whether it be camp site or cabin.

Camping equipment is easily booked through local companies that are almost always near popular campgrounds. If at all possible, try camping on the Big Island where volcanic activity has produced some of the most beautiful landscapes. The island’s Volcanoes National Park and a World Heritage Site make for an amazing camping experience.


Cruises in Hawaii

Cruises in Hawaii can be enjoyed in several ways: a cruise of the entire island or neighbouring islands or they can simply take an evening dinner cruise and never leave the harbour. Many island cruises leave the harbour for day trips and travellers will have their choice of various vessels from yachts, cruisers, sailboats, and catamarans. Dinner cruises in Hawaii can be either festive or romantic on a sleek ship or a historic Polynesian craft. Most cruises start at around $100 per person and cater to some type of theme. Make sure to check if a meal is included or whether you should bring your own refreshments.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts in Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands host a large culture and arts scene. From Polynesians who originally first settled the islands to immigrants from all over the Pacific Rim, Hawaii’s culture is filled with diversity. This is evident in the many festivals and parades honouring each of the many cultures living there: Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Samoan, Portuguese, European, and American.
Each island celebrates their local culture as well.

Each culture contributes a unique art scene for travellers to appreciate. Visit the popular Bishop Museum or stop by Iolani Palace to get a sense of just how rich Oahu is for the art of its people. See the monument of James Cook in Kauai erected as a tribute for his important role in Hawaiian life and history. Every island presents a unique experience.

Disabled Needs

Disabled Needs in Hawaii

Disabled holiday in Hawaii (6/10)
With the American Disabilities Act of 1990 and compliance from government building codes, travellers with disabilities find few problems with accommodations and activities in the United States. Honolulu has made its resorts and landmarks extremely accessible for visitors with disabilities.

The State of Hawaii even publishes a guide that is available online at http://hawaii.gov/health/dcab/. It details disability assistance available at the airport, rental cars & vans, bus & taxi transportation, parking, medical supply facilities, public places & parks, beaches & trails, support services, communication services, and service animals. Though many outdoor activities and historic areas may be a challenge for the disabled, Hawaii takes great lengths to make as much as possible available to visitors on a disabled holiday.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Hawaii

Families on holiday in Hawaii will find a vase assortment of activities available to please even the most diverse of families. Whether you have boys or girls, teenagers or toddlers, Hawaii is filled with fun and exciting things to do on a family holiday. Everyone is sure to enjoy the day spent at Oahu’s Sea Life Park taking in the exhibits, watching the shows, participating in fun activities like swimming with dolphins or sting rays. For a more up close and personal marine experience, take the family down to Hanauma Bay where everyone can swim and snorkel at its famous reef teaming with marine life.

Other popular family activities include taking a surfing lesson or boogie-boarding at the beach or dancing the hula at a luau feast. Most resorts cater to family activities and have hours of fun for younger families.

Gay and Lesbian

Gay and Lesbian in Hawaii

Gay & Lesbian visitors to Hawaii will have no trouble enjoying their gay/lesbian holiday. From accommodations, tours, activities, cruises, nightclubs, and live entertainment, gay/lesbian visitors are able to participate in the Hawaiian culture without giving up their lifestyle. Kalanikai Bed & Breakfast on Kauai and The Cabana on Waikiki Beach are two very popular hotels that cater to the gay/lesbian holiday. Room rates start at about $130 per night.

There are many nightclubs, shows, and karaoke bars tailored to the gay/lesbian vacationer. Angles Waikiki and the Mask Bar on the Big Island are very popular nightspots for gay entertainment. Your best bet is to do a little research and find the gay friendly places that suit the type of holiday you wish to have in Hawaii – the best online resource is www.gayhawaii.com.


Honeymoon in Hawaii

Honeymoon holidays in Hawaii are very popular because of the amazing beauty of the islands. Amazing sunsets, pristine beaches, and soothing ocean waters serve as the perfect backdrop for newlyweds on their honeymoon holiday. Many of the resorts and hotels have special honeymoon packages including special suites and activities for the new couple. From romantic dinner cruises at sunset, to long walks on white sand beaches, to dancing all night at tropical nightclubs, honeymooners will relish all that the island’s have to offer. Newlyweds can try new activities together like surfing lessons for couples or taking your first reef dive together - making memories to last a lifetime.

Couples Holiday

Couples Holiday in Hawaii

As with many tropical islands, the natural beauty of it is something to behold and is best shared with that special someone. Hawaii is no exception thus making it a great couples holiday destination. The islands are perfect for sightseeing and boast endless activities for couples to enjoy. If you’re a sporty couple, try your hand at surfing, snorkelling, hiking, and cycling. If you want your couples holiday to be more about romance and relaxation, try a dinner cruise at sunset for about $140 per person or an intimate, smaller luau for about $80 per person. Even better, take a soothing stroll along Hawaii’s picturesque beaches and listen to the waves lap over the shore. Your couples holiday in Hawaii is sure to be unforgettable.

Golf Activity Holiday

Golf Activity Holiday in Hawaii

Hawaii is heaven for visitors on a golf holiday. When you have almost 365 days of perfect weather and the most lush landscaping on the planet, it’s easy to see why Hawaii is home to some of the most lauded golf courses in the country. Hawaii is home to many tournaments including the PGA Tour. Be sure if you’re on the Big Island to try the world famous Hualalai Golf Course designed by Jack Nicklaus. Although there are many country club courses where membership is required, there are also many spectacular public course with tee times starting as low as $25. Book early to ensure your spot!

Sailing Activity Holiday

Sailing Activity Holiday in Hawaii

Taking a sailing holiday in Hawaii will take you out into crystal blue waters teaming with marine wildlife. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or have never used your sea legs, there are many sailing tours and activities in Hawaii. With the Maritime Museum, a busy harbour, and the historic Falls of Clyde ship docked there, Oahu provides sailors with much to see and do. From sleek cruisers to catamarans, visitors on a sailing holiday will enjoy a day out on the beautiful Pacific Ocean no matter what island you visit. You a sure to be captivated by the experience when dolphins play at the ship’s bow, whales glide by, and sea turtles float near. Daily sailing trips can be as little as $35 per person including refreshments.

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Hawaii

Scuba divers on holiday in Hawaii will be impressed at the amount of dive opportunities available. With the geological history of how the islands were formed from volcanic activity, Hawaiian reefs are some of the most beautiful in the world. The Pacific waters are crystal clear and have a comfortable temperature allowing divers to maintain more time under the surface. And who wouldn’t want to - with all of the fish species, corals, anemones, star fish, reef sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, dolphins, volcanic formations, and all the other incredible sights. Many shops offer scuba equipment services. Tours often leave the harbours taking divers to the best known and safest spots. Dives can cost as little as $125 for boat charter and includes all your diving equipment.

Cycling Activity Holiday in Hawaii

Because Honolulu and its residents live the Aloha lifestyle where daily activities like driving are very courteous and calm, visitors taking a cycling holiday here will be pleased not to have to battle vehicles and traffic. Sharing the roadways on Maui or Kauai is much easier than bustling Honolulu and can be a much more enjoyable trek for cyclists. Cyclists will want to stick to areas designated for cycling and keep away from major highways. The best cycling holidays are booked through tour companies that will provide you with gear and transportation to roads that are cycling friendly and also offer the most scenic vistas. Be sure to check on refreshments as you may have to bring your own water and snacks.

Hiking Activity Holiday

Hiking Activity Holiday in Hawaii

Hiking in Hawaii is only difficult in deciding where you want to hike. From sandy beaches to mountain cliffs to volcanic peaks, hikers on holiday have a wide range of hiking options. Tours for hiking holidays are abundant and can be arranged through many services like your hotel, private tour companies, and popular sightseeing events. Some of the most popular hikes or walking trails in Hawaii are very famous. Visitors can make the trek to the top of Diamond Head where after making it to the 763 foot summit you are rewarded with a breathtaking 360? view of Waikiki and the Pacific Ocean. Or take a hike along the Napali Coast on Kauai where staggering cliffs give way to breathtaking views of the surf and sand below. Be sure to inquire about refreshments and wear appropriate gear for the weather and climate.

Shopping Holiday in Hawaii

Although Hawaii has a few very fine shopping malls housing everything from your favourite accessory shop to the chicest boutique, the most unique shopping in Hawaii is done at its local market areas. Locals looking for the most authentic wares tend to head to Chinatown or the Giant Flea Market at Aloha Stadium – reminiscent of the Rose Bowl market in Pasadena, CA – if on Oahu. Visitors on the Big Island, Maui, and Kauai are treated to quaint local shops catering more to souvenirs and locally made products such as coffees, clothing, art, treasures from the sea, chocolates and macadamia nuts. No matter where you are in Hawaii, there’s always a bit of shopping to do.

Well-being and Spa

Well-being and Spa in Hawaii

Honolulu is home to luxurious resorts with calming spa ameneties – ideal for a well-being and spa holiday. If your accommodations do not include spa treatments, do not fear for Hawaiiis filled with spa retreats and well-being activities. Many businesses in Hawaii specifically cater to providing the largest range of spa treatments using fresh local ingredients from the land, volcano, and sea. Well-being tours will transport you to the most serene surroundings where you can relax with yoga, Asian arts like tai chi, massage, and meditation. Hawaii is a culture that regards protecting the well-being of the mind and spirit and with its heavy Asian influence, makes a spa holiday that much more authentic.

Touring - Driving holiday

Touring - Driving holiday in Hawaii

With Honolulu set on an island, it is not lost on many the irony of taking a touring or driving holiday there. How far can you really go – you’re stuck on an island. It is precisely that which makes Honolulu a great driving destination. There are no worries about going irrevocable off-course and plenty of time to get out and stretch your legs a bit. In the meantime, drivers touring the island will be awestruck by the natural beauty of their surroundings. The blue Pacific, rugged black volcanic outcroppings, exotic birds and plants, enchanting waterfalls, and miles and miles of perfect beaches all wait to be discovered while you take a drive around the island. Combine that with the friendly and helpful locals and you’re sure to take another spin around the island.

Winter Sun

Winter Sun in Hawaii

With moderate temperatures all year, especially in the winter, many people flock to the islands for a winter sun holiday. This is definitely considered a peak time for Hawaii and prices may reflect this by being a bit higher than other months of the year. Winter sun holidays in Hawaii (especially Maui) are often a haven for celebrities jetting over from Hollywood to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea. Although there may be a slight bit more rainfall, showers rarely last more than minutes until the sun peaks out and rainbows crisscross the sky. Spending your winter holiday in Hawaii can be just the trick to get you out of your winter doldrums and put a little colour on your cheeks.