Goa: All Inclusive

Mayhem in Paradise

Backpacking in Goa

If you want to experience the real Goa then a backpacking holiday to Goa is the ideal way of doing it. Backpacking in Goa will guarantee you a memorable holiday but you will need to keep your wits about you and invest in a money belt and secure padlock to protect your valuables. Backpacking in Goa is a very cost effect method of travelling as low cost guest houses are readily available. Expect to pay anything from £1 to £15 a night, depending on your needs. An alternative is to rent a house which can be just as cost effective if you are sharing with others. Extra vigilance is advised if you hire a house as there are always stories of robberies. Baga, Vagator, Anjuna, Calangute and Colva are the popular areas for backpackers, where there is very much a backpacking scene and many facilities on offer including taxis, water sports, bars, parties, cheap restaurants.

A popular mode of transport for backpackers in Goa is the motorcycle which can be hired with ease. No backpacking holiday in Goa would be complete without the thrill of motor biking along the winding hilly roads. If you’re not brave enough to hire your own they come in taxi form too. Just remember to agree a price before jumping on the back. Take care as helmets are not commonly worn. The usual backpacking gear is recommended for this type of holiday in Goa and includes maps, torch lights, pocket knives and first aid kits.

Beach in Goa

If you’re looking for some winter sunshine and a beach holiday then Goa is your place. Goa is a tropical paradise with miles of palm-fringed sandy beaches, lush green paddy fields, a beautiful array of colours, busy street markets, Hindu temples and white washed catholic churches. The season starts in October and runs through to the end of March with temperatures rarely dropping below 30C. Whatever your budget a beach holiday in Goa can cater for your needs, including package holidays, boutique guesthouses, or 5* decadence.

South Goa has the largest selection of quality hotels if you’re looking for a quiet beach holiday. Palolem beach, situated in Canacona district, is also known as ‘Paradise Beach’. Until a few years back, it was among the virgin beaches of Goa, known for its dolphin cruises and fishing trips. Mobor and Cavelossim beaches currently boast five star resorts such as the Leela Beach Resort. If you’re looking for a more authentic, cheap beach holiday then head to the north. Some of the most popular beach resorts in the North are Candolim, Calangute and Baga, all popular with the package tourists. Vagator and Anjuna beaches are popular beach holidays in Goa for the backpackers. If you fancy a more isolated beach holiday in Goa, off the beaten track, then check out Arambol or Bambolim beaches.

Camping in Goa

Opt for a camping holiday in Goa to appreciate the splendours of nature. Like everything in Goa, whatever your needs can be catered for. If you are looking for a camping holiday with luxury then look no further. Located on a beach in Asvem, north Goa, where the only other footprints you will see are those of the turtles, a campsite with 4 tents only face the river, which runs parallel to the beach and each tent furbished with a 4 poster bed. Each tent contains a fully equipped kitchen along with a cook to prepare your delicious meals.

For nature lovers and adventure fanatics Wilderness Camps offer various options designed to suit every budget and taste for your camping holiday in Goa. There are various adventure activities such as hiking and river rafting and any nature lover will not be able to resist the nature walks recommended. If you’re feeling adventurous there are many locations along the Arambol beaches where it’s possible to set up camp yourself. This has in recent years become more popular and the locals have started to benefit by setting up their own morning breakfast service. Goa offers plentiful camping holidays to be discovered.

Cruises in Goa

The stunning beaches in Goa make it a perfect destination for a cruise. Currently the cruises to Goa are more commonly domestic cruises rather than International. The most common cruise to Goa departs from Mumbai of an evening. After two full days aboard it reaches Kadmat island, in Lakshadweep, where it docks for a day before the cruise proceeds to Ga. The next day entails a tour of Goa and its backwaters before returning to Mumbai.

Culture and Arts in Goa

The historical past of Goa mixed with their passion of exquisite carvings and crafts makes Goa a place where artistic quality finds a home. Therefore if you are looking for a culture and arts holiday Goa could fulfil your desire. Over the years, the Goans, being expressive and passionate people, have excelled in the fields of music, dance, poetry and fine arts. If you add this to the fact that Goa’s fruitful past has left it with a delightful mixture of stunning architecture including gothic churches, temples and cathedrals, then you will see why culture and arts are very much a part of your holiday to Goa.

Cycling Activity Holiday in Goa

There are many, specialist cycling holidays in Goa freely available to book. These come in the form of a package holiday where you will be met at the airport and taken to your accommodation and the next day an informal meeting will take place with all the usual useful information and advice. Most of these packaged cycling holidays will be a week exploring the beautiful sights of Goa by bicycle in a group with days off in between for much needed rest and relaxation as well as alternative entertainment. A cycling holiday is a beautiful, alternative way of exploring Goa as well as an opportunity to meet like -minded people.

Disabled Needs in Goa

Goa is certainly not the most disabled-friendly place in the world and the problem usually starts at the airport with a lack of facilities to cater for helping the passenger off of the plane. Make sure that whilst booking the flight wheel chair assistance is requested in order to save wasted time and fuss at the Goa airport.

It is possible for disabled people to enjoy a holiday in Goa and should not let your disability stop you making the most of your holiday however it is recommended to advise the hotel and ensure if you do not have a ground floor room that there is lift access. Also make sure you pre-book tours in advance with special requested assistance to ensure a hassle free holiday for the disabled in Goa. Plenty of patience won’t go amiss either!

Family Holiday in Goa

Goa could be a good option for a relaxing family holiday. The children will love to run free on the beach and it will be a cultural eye opener for most providing an insight into another world. The more up market south side of Goa is a safer option as there is less danger there and more choice of family friendly hotel with activities to entertain the kids for a family holiday in Goa. The choice of food available and wide choice of menus should mean there are no problems with feeding the family but if you are taking young babies then make sure you seek the right information for your doctor with regards to hygiene and inoculations.

Gay and Lesbian in Goa

Although there is a growing gay and lesbian scene in Bombay, Goa is not a typical destination for a gay and lesbian holiday. There is only one known gay bar situated in north Goa. Gay and lesbians are not frowned upon and are very welcome in Goa but if it is specifically a holiday for gay and lesbians you are looking for then another destination other than Goa may be more appropriate.

Hen Destination in Goa

Not typically a hen destination but Goa could easily accommodate a hen party. There is a very vibrant party scene in north Goa which would be the best option for a boozy hen celebration. There are enough beach parties, all night clubs and bars to entertain the wildest hen do with Baga or Calungute areas of north Goa being highly recommended. With the food and drink being so cheap in Goa, along with the wide range of entertainment on offer, overall Goa as a hen destination would definitely work. Cocktails at sunset and days on the beach to recover after a wild night of hen celebrations all help provide a hen do not to be forgotten. Don’t be surprised though if the Indian men are fascinated by the western hen do behaviour and give much unwanted attention. This could be the only thing which could hinder the hen party’s fun.

Honeymoon in Goa

Golden Goa’s scintillating combination of sun, surf and sea could make a honeymoon in Goa picture perfect. There are many packages on offer to tailor make the perfect honeymoon for the couple in Goa, a place which is sure to work its magic to provide an unmatched paradise for honeymooners. The majority of these packages will be in south Goa where all the luxury to make a memorable holiday will be at your finger tips.

Golf Activity Holiday in Goa

Golf is a popular pastime with many tourists in Goa so if you are a keen golfer and looking for a golfing holiday then Goa could match y our needs. Golfing holidays in Goa are becoming more and more popular with keen golfers being attracted by the wonderful golf courses on offer. The best golf courses are placed at the top hotels in south Goa. Golfing holidays in Goa are always great fun and add up to an experience of a lifetime for any avid golfer.

Naturism in Goa

Even though western tourists appear to wear very little on some of Goa’s beaches, naturism and nudism is banned out of respect for the many Muslim’s in Goa.

Party Holiday - Singles Life

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Goa

Goa is an ultimate party destination and like many party places there is an immense variety of themed nights on offer, thus including singles party nights. Even if the nights are not themed as a singles night as such, Goa offers many singles partying as part of its nightlife hence it could be a good place to meet other singles. Parties in Goa are flamboyant, especially in the north and places such as Calangute, Candolim and Baga. Goa is known for its music crazy people and late night parties. Goa nightlife is an exuberance of fun, freedom and liberal enjoyment so if you are single, looking to meet like-minded free spirited people then the nightlife will bring much enjoyment to you.

Shopping Holiday in Goa

With Goa’s array of vibrant colours, materials, spices and carvings, it is difficult to come to Goa and not pick up a bargain or two. If you are looking to furnish your house in an ethnic style then a shopping holiday to Goa should be on your agenda. There are many options of rugs, statues and beautiful carved pieces on offer at very good prices.

A shopping holiday in Goa is always a pleasant experience and most shops offer a shipping service too which will make life easier for you if you have acquired larger goods. If you are looking to shop for clothes on your holiday then Goa is also a good choice with its eclectic mix of eastern and western clothing available. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then head to Mapusa where you the tailors will be happy to make anything you desire from scratch or copied from other garments.

Well-being and Spa in Goa

Head to south Goa to experience an ideal spa retreat holiday in Goa. Goa is the ideal destination for a spa holiday, with a wealth of specialist and traditional ayurvedic spa centres and top end luxury accommodation options. Being one of the spiritualist capitals of the world you will find the best in spa, meditation and yoga retreats with some of the best teachers and therapists available. If you feel in need to re-evaluate or rejuvenate then a spa retreat holiday in Goa will not disappoint. With numerous options available to bring you well being bliss within a real retreat in Goa.

Stag Destination

Stag Destination in Goa

Not typically a stag destination but Goa could easily accommodate a stag party. There is a very vibrant party scene in north Goa which would be the best option for a boozy stag destination, rather than the south, which is more accommodating of the relaxing beach luxury holiday. There are enough beach parties, all night clubs and bars to entertain the wildest stag and the Baga or Calungute areas of north Goa would be highly recommended. With the food and drink being so cheap in Goa, along with the wide range of entertainment on offer, overall Goa as a stag destination would definitely work.

Wine Tasting Holiday in Goa

Goa is not typically a wine tasting destination and is far from producing the world’s best wines, therefore if it’s a wine tasting holiday you are looking for then Goa is far from ideal. Goa did have a tradition of drinking good wines, courtesy of its Portuguese past but these wines appear to have slowly dwindled. However, Goa is establishing itself as a lifestyle destination and the Goa Tourism Development Corporation Ltd (GTDC) now host The Grape Escape festival which brings together international wine makers along with local and international food experts to present culinary delights and wine tasting sessions.

Winter Sun

Winter Sun in Goa

Goa is the perfect destination for a winter sun holiday. The sun in Goa shines throughout the winter season, from October through until the end of March. Monsoon season is in the summer so if it is a winter sun holiday you are looking for, then you will definitely find the winter sun in Goa, which is as close to guaranteed as possible.