Caribbean: All Inclusive

Fun in da Sun wit lots'a Rum!


Beach in Caribbean

The Caribbean and beaches are synonymous with one another - the sun, sea and sand is the reason for the majority of tourists choosing the Caribbean as their destination. You'll adore the pure white sands in many of the Caribbean islands, as well as the colourful pink and black sands that can also be found. The beaches in the Caribbean are made even more beautiful by the crystalline waters that edge the heavenly stretches of sand. The beauty is breathtaking both day and night against the contrasting skies, and spending time relaxing on the beach is a great way to take in the gorgeous scenery around you.


Cruises in Caribbean

The Caribbean region is one of the top Cruise destinations in the world, attracting visitors from every corner of the globe. Caribbean cruises offer a typical holidaymaker's paradise with its sparkling waters, white sands and perfect climate. With a cruise on the Caribbean you can visit many of the famous islands, each of which boasts beautiful beaches and distinctive cultures. You can also discover a varied range of the local cuisines and sample the local rum punch. Not to mention soaking up the sun and that relaxed Caribbean vibe.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts in Caribbean

The Caribbean is awash with culture and arts, including media, literature and music. The theatre arts tradition of the Caribbean is long and varied, and encompasses the festivals and performances of both master and slave classes during slavery. Theatre types include the more formal indigenous “theatre of playwright and entertainer”, to popular theatre-in-education and storytelling theatre. The concept Caribbean theatre continues to be explored in various ways through the work of individuals and organisations in the region. Music surrounds nearly everything in the Caribbean, and with a little planning it is easy to find cultural and music events to go to on your holiday. Caribbean artists are also breaking onto the world art scene, bringing with them a unique vision of the world, based on the bright colours and beautiful cultures of the islands.

Disabled Needs in Caribbean

There are several tour operators who offer disabled holidays to the Caribbean. On your holiday you will benefit from personal attention, accommodation suited to your needs, local mobility equipment available for rent, accessible excursions and tours, and comprehensive travel insurance. So you should have no problems in organising the holiday of a lifetime.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Caribbean

Due to the long-haul flight involved, taking a family to the Caribbean may prove a challenging experience as young children may get restless. However, if you choose a direct, non stop flight, and a family friendly resort, or a self catering villa, then the Caribbean is excellent value for money, particularly if travelling during summer holidays when there are plenty of special offers on top of what are already low season prices. An all-inclusive resort is a very good idea if you are booking a family holiday to the Caribbean, as it is sure to save you money on treats like ice-cream and cokes. For added convenience, you ought to be able to book pre-arranged seating on scheduled flights.

Gay and Lesbian in Caribbean

Some Caribbean islands are more receptive to gays and lesbians than others. Areas of the Caribbean you may wish to consider are Puerto Rico, St.Thomas, St John, St Croix, St Barts, St Martin, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Bonaire and Aruba. Less receptive islands include Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Barbados and Curaçao.

Honeymoon in Caribbean

The Caribbean is a fabulous honeymoon destination, with its crystal clear blue waters pristine beaches, all types of water activities, green landscapes and awesome sunsets to set that romantic mood for two. The hundreds of breathtaking beaches are one of the biggest draws to the Caribbean. And as beautiful water and coral reefs are abundant in the Caribbean, you can go scuba diving or snorkeling. There are also many renowned golf clubs, and the nightlife takes in everything from casinos to live shows. Taking a honeymoon in the Caribbean is a couples paradise and is sure to be a most memorable experience.

Naturism in Caribbean

The Caribbean can be an ideal destination for a naturist holiday, with many nudist-friendly beaches, resorts and even hotels, to choose from. The Eden Bay resort in the Dominican Republic is very well-known as a naturist resort, and it is all-inclusive meaning that not only can you relax on a nudist beach but you can also enjoy on site nude snorkelling and scuba-diving, or enjoy a nude drink at the pool bar, dine nude and shop nude. Tucked away on Jamaica's famed North Coast, you will find Breezes Runaway Bay, which is an excellent getaway for those looking for a naturist holiday in the Caribbean.

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Caribbean

The biggest party island in the Caribbean is undoubtedly Barbados. One of the best party spots in Barbados is Bajan Raymond Gill’s Harbour Lights, where buried treasure is hidden in the sand and dancers get down and dirty with limbo artists, fire eaters and moko jumbies. You are sure to find lots of lively locals and delightful bars and restaurants. And music and festivals are always big in the Caribbean. Celebrations happen on a weekly basis and are always huge. With such a laid back, happy lifestyles its no wonder why the Caribbean is so popular for singles and party-goers.

Couples Holiday

Couples Holiday in Caribbean

The Caribbean is very popular as a romantic getaway for couples.  And it is not difficult to see why, with such fabulous beaches, relaxing atmosphere and fun-filled activities for couples to enjoy together.  On a Caribbean couples holiday you will love the gorgeous scenery and sunny weather, making it almost like a couples paradise.  Stay in a romantic hotel and dine by the waters edge as you feast on the rich and varied Caribbean cuisine.  Take a moonlight stroll along the beach or make the most of the vibrant nightlife.  It is hard to think of a more perfect destination than the Caribbean for a romantic holiday destination.

Golf Activity Holiday in Caribbean

Beautifully landscaped courses and incredible scenery make the Caribbean one of the ultimate destinations for a golf holiday. You are likely to enjoy days of sunshine, meaning you will get the chance to play golf as much as you please without being put off by bad weather. Although the characters, demographics and cultures of the many islands are extremely diverse, one constant does remains, and that is that the Caribbean offers golf and leisure holiday destinations that are the envy of the rest of the world. Temperatures frequently reach 30C and as the region relies so heavily on tourism, you are sure to receive a warm welcome making your golfing holiday to the Caribbean all the more memorable.

Sailing Activity Holiday

Sailing Activity Holiday in Caribbean

If you wish to visit the Caribbean for a sailing holiday you will be in for a treat.  There is plenty of availability of all sizes of sailing or motor yacht rentals in the area, and as weather conditions are great (outside of the hurricane season) you will enjoy the relaxing experience of sailing on calm, sparkling waters in pleasant temperatures.   There is an enormous variety of attractive islands and dazzling, easy-anchor bays.  Sailing in the Caribbean also gives you the opportunity to go 'island-hopping,' meaning you will get to enjoy more than one dream holiday destination during your Caribbean trip.  The islands are often within sight of one another, and look wonderful as you approach them, rising from the horizon until they tower above you.  If you wish to charter a yacht in the Caribbean you must decide whether you are experienced enough and want to take command of your own bareboat (in which you look after yourself) or if you would prefer to be looked after on a crewed yacht - and whether it should be a sailing or a motor yacht.

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Scuba Diving Activity Holiday in Caribbean

The Caribbean is one of the finest scuba diving destinations in the world. It has islands that have stretches of reef teeming with tropical fish, and walls that drop from six to 6000 metres very quickly.  The Caribbean has wrecks and caves to explore, and coral-clad pinnacles and underwater fumaroles that bubble volcanic gases making you feel as though you are diving into champagne. In the Bahamas, you even have the option to dive with sharks or dolphins.  Most of the islands of the Caribbean hve dive shops, and if you are not currently a diver there is a 'resort course' which will allow you to dive while on island, and the qualification lasts for the duration of your stay.   If you wish to set aside the time you can also gain a longer lasting qualification. 'Referral diving', is an option which lets you do much of the theory at home, thereby not wasting time while you are abroad.

Shopping Holiday in Caribbean

Caribbean Shopping is definitely a must for any tourist, although it is unlikely that, with so many fabulous beaches, one would go there purely for shopping. Nonetheless, shopping in the Caribbean can be the highlight of the trip as there is such a wide variety of goods on offer at the markets. Jewellery is one of the staples of shopping in the Caribbean and can be found at quite a bargain. Many of the Caribbean islands have duty-free and even tax-free shopping, so it is wise to make the most of this. You can find everything from luxury goods and designer fashions and jewelry, to cigars and liquor. And best of all is the fact that it will cost much less than it would at home. There are also other bargains to be had in the Caribbean - for example you will have the opportunity to buy items that are native to or hand-crafted in the Caribbean islands, so you would not find them anywhere else.

Winter Sun in Caribbean

The Caribbean is one of the best destinations for a winter sun holiday, and high season in the Caribbean is actually in December. As the weather is so good in December, the Christmas and New Year period is the busiest time to travel to and stay in the Caribbean, alongside Easter. The only negative aspect of booking your winter holiday to the Caribbean may be that it is more expensive due to the fact that you are going during peak tourist season. Aside from this, it is the perfect place to get away from the inevitably cold British winter weather. Note that many Caribbean resorts, restaurants and other services may be limited or shut down completely between September and the end of November.