Bangkok: All Inclusive

The City of Angels


Backpacking in Bangkok

A backpacking holiday in Bangkok is a great way to see the city and the surrounding areas. Bangkok caters for all holiday types and there is a more than welcome attitude towards backpackers. There is even a street in Bangkok built up around the idea of backpackers coming to Bangkok looking for some cheap accommodation, decent Thai and international food and a night out enjoying the local beer.

The famous street is Khao San Road, it offers a wide variety of backpacking accommodation, cheap travel tours, bus routes to other parts of the country, a few nightclubs and bars, many market stalls and street food stands. Most of the hotels in Khao San Road are suited for the backpacking holiday in Bangkok. Prices can start from as little as £2 or £3. If you want air-con, T.V, an en-suite bathroom or a swimming pool the price will become more expensive but not too expensive for a typical backpacking holiday in Bangkok.

City Breaks

City Breaks in Bangkok

City breaks in Bangkok are a wonderful way to discover the amazing metropolis. It is arguably the most interesting city in South East Asia. Bangkok is a cultural phenomenon, a shopping heaven and a tourist treasure. A vibrant and always smiling city with more than 10 million people, Bangkok has a wide range of adventurous activities, sight seeing opportunities, an exotic culinary experience to enjoy. You can spend your city break in Bangkok touring the gleaming sights from many temples and palaces. Enjoy a shopping experience like no other. Bangkok has many mega shopping malls, street markets, weekend markets and floating (water) markets full of products from around the world. You could buy anything from solid gold earrings to a fake Rolex to a pet monkey.

Other activities on offer include a the famous Thai kickboxing contests, a ladyboy cabaret show, nights out in neon lit streets full of bars or an exotic feast of Thai cuisine in one of many superb restaurants scattered around the city.

You can expect an action packed, hot and humid city break in Bangkok but if this is not what you fancy then don’t worry. You can easily take a back seat and enjoy one of the peaceful spa hotels designed for tranquillity and peace of mind or take long lazy boat trips down the Chao Phraya River with a traditional Thai massage to end the evening.

Corporate Weekend

Corporate Weekend in Bangkok

Corporate weekends in Bangkok can offer you and your business a unique experience that will guarantee a memorable trip. A corporate weekend in Bangkok is a great opportunity to visit one of the world’s most famous and celebrated cities. With its numerous and diverse range of sights to see, things to do and places to stay, Bangkok caters for most budgets and tastes.

Bangkok is a hub for business and therefore the meeting of cultures, people and ideas are ideal for a customized team building itinerary. There is a huge variety of activities to enjoy, amazing historical sights to experience and a whole lot more. The food is unique, the people are even more unique and the services and hospitality available is second to none. Bangkok is very popular when it comes to corporate weekends. With a wide range of things to do and see be sure to book early to avoid disappointment.


Cruises in Bangkok

There are numerous cruises that take in Bangkok as one of the ports of destinations. Cruises visit Bangkok after docking at Laem Chabang on the east coast. Laem Chabang’s old laid-back charm remains, despite its rapid transformation into the country’s ‘Riviera’ - a major gateway for visiting cruise passengers. This tranquil region of fruit orchards, gem mines and oyster and orchid farms, is now also a great place for swimming, snorkelling and experiencing traditional Thai village life.

After a short stay you will head to Bangkok to experience the wonders of the city. Your time in Bangkok will depend on the cruise you are on and the best places to visit in a short space of time are the most famous ones.

Check out the gleaming Grand Palace or visit one of many of the ancient temples scattered around the city. If you are into shopping, find a market open and go bargain hunting or jump in a tuk-tuk and find an air controlled mega mall to buy brand names and exotic goods. If you stay in Bangkok for the night, check out the vibrant nightlife in R.C.A or Sukhimvit road.

With so much on offer, cruises to Bangkok are very popular so be sure to book early and get exactly what you wish for.

Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts in Bangkok

A culture and arts holiday in Bangkok is an amazing way to understand this amazing country. Thai culture is simple yet utterly beautiful which makes it even more interesting for visitors. Thai culture is reflected in traditions and lifestyles which are evident anywhere within the fascinating kingdom. Bangkok has to be at the top of the list for culture, language and arts. The city is where the realities of the past and the present live together completely integrated and it is one of the greatest centres of the Classical, Renaissance, and Baroque art. There are so many sights, statues, museums, galleries, temples, palaces and much more to visit. Make a wish list of must see things because it is easy to be distracted and become overwhelmed with the sights, smells and scenes of Bangkok.

Cycling Activity Holiday

Cycling Activity Holiday in Bangkok

A cycling holiday in Bangkok would be a very interesting holiday indeed. Bangkok being famous for its traffic problems is introducing cycling routes to help solve congestion and reduce pollution. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has converted footpaths into cycling routes with entrance and exit facilities for cyclists. Cycling routes are in evidence all over the city with same routes running through historically important and quite beautiful areas.

The routes on offer pass many tourist attractions. They include Rattanakosin Island, Golden Mountain, Loha Prasat, Wat Ratchanatda, Democracy Monument, Sanam Luang, the Grand Palace, Ta Chang, Ta Phra Chan and older sections of town such as Fuang Nakhon road and Bamrungmuang Road with routes going close to interesting temples. Banned from Bangkok since the 1960s, pedal-powered Samlos (three-wheeled bikes) are making a welcome return as romantic eco-taxi for tourists to visit the popular sights around Rattanakosm Island.

Disabled Needs

Disabled Needs in Bangkok

Bangkok is not the most disabled-friendly city. The streets are uneven, often in a bad state and can be dangerous for those who are not disabled. The skytrain and subway has a handful of disabled-friendly stops for disabled people to get around the city. Other than that a holiday for disabled people in Bangkok is a challenging experience. The larger resorts and tourist attractions provide facilities for disabled people but in rural areas public transport is limited and often inaccessible to wheelchair users. Although there are many people willing to give aid to disabled people, there is not much help in integrating them fully into Thai society and therefore services and facilities are not geared towards aiding the disabled.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday in Bangkok

Bangkok is an amazing city which is full of Asian delights. It has always been one of the world's great cities to visit and you should try to take your family to Bangkok as the sheer amount of sights will leave a lasting impression. It is a city with a past and one that is full of history and sights to enthrall young people. As well as a whole host of places to see and visit there are an abundance of activities for families.

Family holidays in Bangkok can include all sorts of adventures. You could take the kids on boat rides along the famous Chao Phraya River; try cooking classes at one of many restaurants offering courses on Thai cuisine. You can take them on small trips to the surroundings to ride on elephants or stay in the heart of city and explore the vibrant markets and go shopping in one of the super malls. There are a few concerns when travelling with children in Bangkok.

Safety is an issue for many tourists anyway but with small children it can be worse. The weather is always hot and humid, the food is usually spicy and the whole place seems to be rushing around. For a much more relaxing family trip you could head for the beach resorts about an hour from Bangkok.

Gay and Lesbian

Gay and Lesbian in Bangkok

Thailand and Bangkok, on the whole are very open about the gay community. There are various hotels, guesthouses, bars and clubs that cater, if not exclusively, to gay and lesbian clientele. The Thai people are very tolerant and welcoming of gay people and offer a very relaxed and comfortable environment. Holidays for gay and lesbians in Bangkok can be fun, naughty, refined or private, depending on what you prefer.

Bangkok has many discreet gay massage places in Bangkok, or pockets of lively bars and go-go venues. There are also very open gay venues dotted around the city. The famous Thai ladyboys add an extra dimension to the gay community in Thailand. There are various ladyboy bars, clubs and cabaret shows on offer in Bangkok. The Lesbian community is much smaller and more discreet but does exist. There are several lesbian/mixed places on Sukhumvit road that cater especially to foreigners.


Beach in Bangkok

Thailand has always enticed honeymooners for its beauty, culture and luxuriousness. There are a huge number of deals and packages available specifically for honeymoons in Bangkok. Whether you are looking for a relaxing spa and massage honeymoon, an unforgettable romantic honeymoon or an activity packed honeymoon, Bangkok has it all. Enjoy visiting temples of ancient history, shopping in the mega malls or vibrant markets, eating out in fine restaurants, in the city, above the city and on the famous river or simply take back seat and relax in the amazing spas in Bangkok and be pampered all day. Also short trips to the coast near Bangkok offers honeymooners some quality beach time to soak up the sun rays and enjoy the crystal clear waters.

Golf Activity Holiday in Bangkok

A golfing holiday in Bangkok would be one to remember. Bangkok has over 20 quality golf courses available for you to enjoy and experience.

Golf in Bangkok is a luxurious activity complemented by a fantastic service. There is a good range of golf courses available. They include the Bangkok Golf Course which has the only waterfall hole in Asia, the Thana City Golf and Country Club renowned for being one of the most challenging golf courses in Thailand, the Muang Keaw Golf Course which is the nearest golf course to central Bangkok, the Thai Country Club which is arguably the best in Bangkok and sets the standard for service excellence. If you like to play at night try the Panya Indra Golf Club or for another Jack Nicklaus masterpiece, head to the Natural Park Ramindra. Golf in Bangkok is extremely popular and there are many more courses to visit and play so try to book early to avoid disappointment.

Hiking Activity Holiday

Hiking Activity Holiday in Bangkok

If you're not in any particular hurry, a good way to get around Bangkok is on foot. The city is separated by different areas. In these areas there are certain sight and scenes that are an easy walking distance from each other. Therefore it is a healthy and interesting way to see the city instead of whizzing past things in Taxis and skytrains. Rattanakosin Island is a good area for hikers because it full of temples, palaces and wonderful sights to enjoy.

A walk around Bangkok is obviously more tiring than riding the bus or train and the heat can be a real problem if you are not prepared, but you'll see a lot more, and of course, there is an awful lot to see. There are various maps that can be used to guide yourself and if you get lost or find yourself far from where you want to be, a short and cheap taxi ride will get you back on track.

Party Holiday - Singles Life

Party Holiday - Singles Life in Bangkok

Bangkok is a vibrant, enigmatic city full of night life. Indeed many residents do not see the day as the night is where all the action happens and all the characters come out to play. With a huge number of bars, clubs, shows, entertainments plazas, and late night hotel parties, you are spoilt for choice. Singles party nightlife in

Bangkok is unique in that whatever sexual orientation you are there will always be an area or areas designed specifically for you. Among the lush night clubs and hotel parties full with budding actors, musicians and stylish people, there is a much seedier night life going on.

Many areas in Sukhimvit and Silom are packed with neon lit bars full with bar girls, ladyboys, strippers and prostitutes. Many of these bars are regulated and the girls are tested for STD’s but many are not so be careful. STD’s are rife in Bangkok and there has always been a problem with a huge number of sex tourists visiting the country. If you do delve into the singles party nightlife in Bangkok be aware, be clever and always protect yourself.

Single Scene for girls in Bangkok 6/10
Bangkok has earned a reputation as a sex tourist destination for men, but this is just one side because the city offers a wide range of places to go for single women. It is true to say most areas in Bangkok are geared towards men and there are quite a few of these places. With a huge backpacking scene happening in Khao San Road and the country welcoming more and more female visitor’s things are slightly changing. There are many clubs and bars not designed just for men to pick up Thai women and there are even a number of lesbian bars popping up around town. The Thai men enjoy the ‘farang’ (name given to white tourists) women as they are not used to white skin and the western look but be careful as there have been many reports of Thai men taking advantage of westerners when drunk and alone. Just like all big cities, be aware and look after yourself.

Single Scene for guys in Bangkok 10/10
The single scene for guys in Bangkok is in abundance and somewhat overwhelming. There are areas such as Nana, Soi Cowboy and Pat Pong where the streets are littered with neon lit strip clubs and go-go bars. The women here are somewhat sexually assertive and often shout across the street at a half decent looking man to get him there bar. With a huge variety of female entertainment on offer, a single guy in Bangkok will not be single for very long. There are huge ‘massage’ parlours which offer 100’s of women to choose from, go-go bars with ‘ping-pong’ and other sorts of entertainment, karaoke bars with hostesses, 100’s of strip clubs and many bars just have women working independently. On the other hand, it is not all prostitution and there are 1000’s of women who enjoy going to nightclubs and bars to meet guys who are not just interested in sex and money. Bangkok has a reputation for sex tourism but remember everyone is different and there are plenty of respectable women in Bangkok that all tourists should be aware of.

Shopping Holiday

Shopping Holiday in Bangkok

Some people only visit for a shopping holiday in Bangkok. That is testament to the sheer volume of malls, mega malls, markets, street stalls and shops offering the widest variety of products available. You could shop for luxury brand names in the air controlled malls or hit the markets for bargains and knock off goods. Whatever you are looking for, it is all here. A shopping holiday in Bangkok is a unique experience which offers nothing short of the most amazing products available.

Whether it is fine hand tailored clothes, traditional Thai silk, Asian antiques from specialist shops and dealers, stunning local handicrafts or simply a special gift for someone back home, you will be sure to find it in Bangkok. There are even malls here only for certain products such as Panthip plaza, a mall dedicated to electrical goods such as computers, TV’s, cameras and much more. During shopping trips, enjoying Thai cuisine at the food halls or in one of the restaurants that fill up the malls or take a break and have a massage to make your shopping holiday in Bangkok experience even more memorable.

Well-being and Spa

Well-being and Spa in Bangkok

A well-being and spa retreat holiday in Bangkok is a holiday that will stay in your memories forever. Thailand is well known for its tranquil and relaxing spa resorts and hotels. Bangkok has an abundance of Spa hotels on offer from cheap, easy and relaxing 3-star spa resorts to luxury all day and night pampering 5-star spa hotels and everything in between. There are numerous spa hotels in the heart of Bangkok city that offer a wide range of services form traditional massages to spa and holistic treatments with lush tropical garden surroundings, outdoor pools and walking and jogging trails. Truly one of Thailand’s best qualities is the services they bring to a spa retreat holiday in Bangkok, nothing short of the finest in the world.

Hen Destination

Hen Destination in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the top destinations in the world for stag parties but not as popular for hen nights. Having said this, there are a number of amazing packages and deals to be had to enjoy a hen party in Bangkok. Hen celebrations in Bangkok come in shapes and sizes and they cater for every budget. You could enjoy an amazing spa resort or a luxury spa day for all the girls. Dine on the famous Chao Phraya River and enjoy the local cuisine or hit the town for drinks in any number of bars, clubs or cabaret shows. Short trips to surrounding areas of Bangkok offer a whole host of activities and adventures perfect for a hen party.

Stag Destination

Stag Destination in Bangkok

Bangkok is a beautiful city with sun soaked days and a buzzing nightlife, it is a great destination for stag parties or bachelor weekends. Bangkok has a reputation for being quite randy when it comes to nightlife especially for men. There are a huge variety of bars, clubs for nightlife and a great range of places to visit and see during the day. A stag do in Bangkok would not be complete without enjoying in the activities Bangkok has to offer. Some of the activities that could be included on a stag party in Bangkok are paintballing, pole dancing dinners, death defying snake shows, elephant golf, 18 holes of real golf, elephant jungle treks, Muay Thai contests (Thai Kickboxing) and much more. There is a wide variety of accommodation available throughout the year, amazing foods and drinks and plenty of sights to see and things to do.

Winter Sun

Winter Sun in Bangkok

The sun shines throughout the year in Bangkok which makes it a great destination during the winter back home. A winter sun holiday in Bangkok would be a fantastic way to soak up the sun rays during the hot and humid days and relax in the evening to some fine dinning or a few beers in the local bar. During the winter in the west, temperatures can reach freezing, this is not a problem for Bangkok. Even at the lowest temperatures in Bangkok you will not even need and jumper. During the Christmas period the warmth in the air drops to become cool at night which is often a nice rest from the constant hot and sweaty weather. Bangkok is one of the most cosmopolitan, distinct and, above all, compelling of Asian cities. It is an enchanting city which offers a huge range of adventurous activities, sight seeing opportunities, exotic culinary experiences and much more.