Tunisia: Accommodation

Bed and Breakfast in Tunisia

B&B accommodation in Tunisia can range from an old foundouk or inn often found around medina areas through to more upmarket independent “hotels de charme” with more stylish accommodation .

Bed & breakfast hotels in Tunisia offering by the day booking are more common in Tunis and the larger cities rather than the major package holiday tourist zones. At it’s most basic, expect a generally clean but sparse room, which may not always have access to hot water but will often overlook a courtyard. Check for provision of air conditioning or a fan.

Expect to pay as little as 20-30TD for basic, tourist-class shorter-term accommodation. A more upmarket, 4-star-type hotel de charme can easily range from 100TD in lowest season to 160TD plus in the July to September high season. Smaller independent hotels may also not accept payment by credit card. Direct booking via the web or phone is now becoming increasingly easier for smaller or independent hotels in Tunisia.

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Apartments in Tunisia

A wide range of holiday apartments in Tunisia are available to let, particularly in the popular tourist areas around Cap Bon, Hammamet, Port el Kantaoui, Monastir, Sousse, Skanes and on Djerba. Most tend to prefer weekly booking, but some can be found offering 1 to 3-day stays.

Price, naturally, is very dependent upon location, quality and occupancy. A basic 3-room apartment for four people in Monastir, with balcony, no pool, parking, 10 minutes to the beach can be found for 45-72TD per day, depending on the season. A more upmarket beachfront apartment in Tunisia for five at Port el Kantaoui with a terrace and pool access can range from 531-1400TD per week. A beachfront villa in Tunisia for four on a wild beach on Djerba can be found for 365-1080TD per week. Increasingly, apartments are being offered via direct booking with owners, but agents and more formally organized rentals can easily be found on the web and may be the preferred option for some.

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Hotels in Tunisia

The growing popularity of holidays in Tunisia over the past few decades has resulted in a hotel boom where quality has often fallen victim to sheer quantity. By most Western European hotel standards, the star-rating system in Tunisia is best downgraded by a star to get a more accurate advance picture. That’s not to say there aren’t truly sumptuous, expertly run (and expensive) luxury hotels in Tunisia, well capable of holding their own with any destination.
Hammamet, Monastir, Sousse and Skanes focus largely on the package holiday market, delivering affordable, good value, comfortable hotels with some flavour of Tunisia but a cater-for-all approach and an often dated air.

Yasmine Hammamet, Port el Kantaoui, Sidi Bou Said and Djerba generally offer a higher class of accommodation with more sophistication and sense of place; also some establishments in Hammamet.

Unlike the more developed areas of Turkey, for example, space is not so much at a premium with pools and exterior areas often generous and pleasing. Service and ambience is usually friendly, attentive and eager to please, if not always as thoroughly professional as Western European standards, but this isn’t the Eurozone. On balance, hotels in Tunisia find a comfortable middle ground, which evidently pleases its huge numbers of holidaymakers, many returning to the same hotels for future visits. Prices are very variable, too much so to list validly here but something reasonable can be found for any budget and will often be more pleasing than its budgetary equivalents in say Turkey or the Spanish Costas. Despite the boom in budget airlines and self-booking, the best prices for week or longer stays will often still be found via tour operators.

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Hostels in Tunisia

There are 15 Association Tunisienne des Auberges et de Tourisme de Jeunes hostels in Tunisia (ATATJ, www.atatj.org) throughout the country from Tunis right down to Tozeur. Most have at least 50 beds, some 150. Prices can range from 10-34TD or 3-4TD in a dormitory and these represent a safe overnight haven with ATATJ standards across establishments and open to IYHA members. Many hostels will close for at least part of the day and so longer-term stays may become awkward and inconvenient. Often, ATATJ hostels are located in interesting or historic buildings with pleasing surroundings and typical Tunisian courtyards.

Alternatively, the more workaday maisons des jeunes are government-run initiatives using schools or similar buildings to provide youth accommodation in high season and can be found in most towns.

Further south, marhalas such as in Matmata offer cheaper accommodation than average hotels but slightly more than hostels and make for ideal backpacker overnight or short stay locations with traditional food and Tunisian hospitality.

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Resorts in Tunisia

A large holiday club complex in Tunisia with all-inclusive facilities and self-contained entertainment is not unusual but the line between these holiday clubs and what are simply large package holiday hotels is harder to draw in Tunisia. Naturally they are found around the main coastal resorts and will often tend to only cater for guests from one country or via only one tour operator. Facilities are usually spacious and reasonably well equipped.

Most hotels in the tourist zones are gated and/or security patrolled. Many have their own stretches of beach and plenty of onsite entertainment and sports, with the more upmarket offering spas, beauty therapy and Thalassotherapy. Given that offsite evening entertainment options of bars and clubs are more limited in Tunisia than in some other beach holiday destinations, hotels have generally had to develop more resort hotel features onsite. All of these features make the larger tourist hotels seem like holiday club resorts in Tunisia and those seeking an all-inclusive holiday in Tunisia centred around their accommodation base will not be short of choices.

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Self Catering Accommodation in Tunisia

Other than the wider options available by renting self-contained holiday apartments and villas in Tunisia, extensive self-catering complexes of small units and basic bungalows as typically found in Spain, Turkey and Greece are not common in Tunisia. The holiday market in Tunisia is much more angled towards hotel-style accommodation on B&B, half-board or all-inclusive deals.

Where self-catering complexes in Tunisia exist they will be found only in the major coastal resorts such as Hammamet, Monastir, Sousse, Port el Kantaoui. Other than renting a full self-contained apartment, self-catering choices will usually be studio-type accommodation in purpose-built blocks with shared facilities such as pools. Some go further offering dining and other entertainments onsite and the general ambience will be not unlike a typical Tunisian tourist hotel. Quality can range from basic up to reasonable 4-star and the best deals will be available via tour operators, usually including charter flights.