Sardinia: Accommodation

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Hotels in Sardinia

Hotels in Sardinia can be found to suit any budget. In the more luxury resorts of Costa Smeralda and Santa Margerita di Pula, prices are usually considerably higher (over €200 per room per night), but hotels in Calgliari, Sassari, and Olbia, prices are more moderate. A budget double hotel room can cost up to €70 per night, a moderate hotel room up to €130 per night, and high end double hotel room can cost over €130 per night. Prices decrease substantially outside of the summer months, July and August, and after the Easter period. Many of Sardinia’s coastal resort hotels close completely throughout the winter months, but many nearby town and city hotels remain open. Try and book in advance wherever possible to avoid disappointment, especially if you are visiting the island during the peak periods. Most hotels will ask for a deposit and some may ask you to confirm your booking by email or fax. We recommend that you book your cheap hotel in Sardinia online. We have searched the net to find you the best deals for your hotel in Sardinia.


Hostels in Sardinia

There are very few hostels on the island of Sardinia and they are run by the Associazione Italiana Alberghi per la Gioventu who are linked with Hostelling International. If you are looking to stay at one of the three Hostelling International hostels in Sardinia, you will have to become a member first. The hostels in Sardinia usually have separate dormitories and some might have family rooms for an additional price. A night’s stay in a hostel in Sardinia costs from €15 - €28 per person, which also includes breakfast. Many of the hostels in Sardinia have a lockout policy where you are not allowed into the hostel between 10.30 am and 3.30pm. Check-in for hostels in Sardinia is usually between 6pm and 10.30pm and payment usually needs to be made before 9am the following morning to avoid extra charges.

Self Catering Accommodation

Self Catering Accommodation in Sardinia

Self Catering Accommodation in Sardinia

Self-catering accommodation in Sardinia is an excellent option if your looking for more privacy and freedom than a hotel offers. Self catered Villas and apartments in Sardinia are not as easy to find when compared to hotels, however, it is usually definitely worth the search. Book your self-catering apartment or villa in Sardinia online and save with Ok

Camping in Sardinia

Campsites in Sardinia are of high quality and usually have great facilities including swimming pools, supermarkets, shops, and restaurants. The majority of campsites in Sardinia only open during the summer months April – September/ October. Unlike most hotels, you will you do not need to book a camping space in advance but it might be wise to during the peak months July and August. Some campsites have small bungalows available to rent out which can accommodate 1–4 people but these need to be booked in advance. Campsite prices can be very high during July and August but still considerably less than hotels during this time. A night’s camping for an adult costs from €10 - €18 and additional charges are applied for parking, showers, and electricity for caravans. A bungalow sleeping two adults can cost from €80 - €130 per night. Camping outside of legal camping grounds is not permitted in Sardinia but it could be worth asking private land owners if you can camp on their land.


Apartments in Sardinia

Rental apartment and villas in Sardinia are not as easy to find as hotels and Bed and Breakfasts. Popular resorts where rental apartments and villas can be found are Alghero, Santa Teresa du Gallura, Cagliari, and Stintino but they often come at a higher price. Renting an apartment can be a great option for families or large groups, where you can stay in the same accommodation together. Sardinian tourist offices have details on apartment and villas available to rent in popular areas. Most apartments and villas are available to rent on a weekly basis and deposits are usually required.

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast in Sardinia

There are a variety of B&Bs available in Sardinia they can often be found under names such as pensione or an albergo. There is no obvious difference between the two except that a pensione is usually rated from a one- to three-star standard with basic facilities and communal bathrooms, and an albergo can be rated up to a five-star standard often with a private bathroom, room service, and parking. Compared to hotels, B&Bs can often have more basic facilities, and but the accommodation is comfortable and often full of character. An agriturismo is another type of holiday where visitors will stay in B&B style accommodation on a working farm. These are popular all over the island and you can often sample the local produce, and experience farming life, whilst enjoying a comfortable stay in stylish accommodation. B&Bs cost approximately €20 - €40 per person per night.