Berlin: Accommodation

The Capital Of Germany


Hotels in Berlin

Berlin offers its visitors a wide choice of hotels to suit most budgets and tastes. If you want to stay in the centre of Berlin, try and book your Berlin hotel in advance. If you are looking to book your hotel in Berlin at the last minute, you can also find a range of last minute hotel booking deals. Hotel prices in Berlin range from around 50,00-70,00 EUR while some 5 star hotels in Berlin offer special packages from 120,00 EUR per night depending on the season. We recommend you book your hotel in Berlin prior to your travel date.


Hostels in Berlin

Hostels are an excellent choice for travellers on a low budget. As Berlin is very popular among young people. the demand for hostels is high in Berlin. There are many hostels scattered around Berlin. Prices start from around 12,00 EUR for an 8-bedroom and go up to approx 35,00 EUR for a single room. Book your Berlin hostel online to find the cheapest deals.

Self Catering Accommodation

Self Catering Accommodation in Berlin

Self-catering accommodation in Berlin is an excellent option if you are looking for more freedom and privacy. Whether you are travelling alone, in a couple or in a group, Berlin offers a wide variety of self-catering accommodations. The vast majority of these can be booked online. The Price for a double room starts at approx. 40,00 EUR per night. A more luxurious apartment will start at approx 100,00 EUR per room per night. Self-catering apartments in Berlin are generally cheaper than hotels, and when they are not, you are generally getting more for your money in terms of space and location.


Apartments in Berlin

Apartments in Berlin are a great option if you are looking for more privacy and freedom than hotels offer. Finding the best deal on your apartment in Berlin is possible by booking online. Apartments in Berlin are generally cheaper than hotels, although this does depend on the quality and size of the apartment you choose, along with the location.